Yorkshire Bank Lost Card

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Yorkshire Bank is a part of Clydesdale Bank and mainly operates in northern England. It began in Leeds in 1859 as a savings bank. Now Yorkshire Bank offers current accounts, credit cards, savings accounts, loans, mortgages, and insurance. In the 1970s, it was one of the first banks to offer fee-free banking while in credit. However, its services have fallen behind the pack over the years and it is among the lowest in annual customer satisfaction rankings. The first thing to do is to get support from Yorkshire Bank immediately if your card or banking details are lost or stolen.

Report Lost Yorkshire Bank Card

One of the ways that Yorkshire Bank has fallen behind is its lack of facilities for reporting lost or stolen cards. Many banks allow customers to temporarily block their cards through their mobile banking apps. They also let customers cancel their cards and order replacements through the app or internet banking. Unfortunately, Yorkshire Bank does not seem to offer this yet. This means that your options for quickly reporting a lost card are limited. If you are close to a Yorkshire Bank branch, then you can get help in person. Otherwise, you need to call Yorkshire Bank to get help.

Yorkshire Bank Lost Card Number

From the list of options, press 3 to report your card lost or stolen. This will connect you to someone at Yorkshire Bank who can assist you. They can cancel the missing card immediately and order a new one for you. Yorkshire Bank should reimburse your losses if there are fraudulent transactions on your account. You should check your recent account activity for anything that you do not recognize. As long as you keep your passwords and codes secure, they shouldn’t hold you responsible.

Yorkshire Bank Replacement Card

Cancelling a lost or stolen card means that you will have to wait for Yorkshire Bank to send you a replacement. You can expect this to arrive in the post within a week or so. A new PIN should also arrive by post in a separate letter. If you get a replacement card due to damage or renewal, then your PIN will stay the same. To prevent potential fraud again, you will get an entirely new card number and PIN when you report your card lost or stolen. You should still be able to log into online banking to manage your funds. If you need to withdraw cash before you receive the new card, then you will have to go to the counter in a Yorkshire Bank branch. You will need to provide ID and account details.