What Vouchers Can I Buy From Waitrose?

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If you would like to purchase a voucher from Waitrose but you’re unsure about the vouchers available for purchase you can read the helpful guide below.

About Waitrose

Waitrose & Partners is owned by John Lewis, it was bought in 1937 although it was originally founded in 1904 as Waite and then became Waitrose in 1908. John Lewis was founded in London in 1929. Waitrose is a supermarket that stocks high-quality products and household products. Waitrose currently has almost 350 locations and their products are exported to 52 countries as well as having locations in the Middle East.

What Are Waitrose Vouchers

Waitrose offers a ‘Waitrose & Partners’ voucher for their customers. As Waitrose & Partners is owned by John Lewis & Partners their voucher can not only be spent in-store with Waitrose but also online and with John Lewis in-store and online. The vouchers start at £10 if bought online or £1 in store, you can find out how to purchase a voucher below.

How To Buy Waitrose Vouchers

If you would like to buy a Waitrose voucher in-store you can do so easily by going to the checkout area in your local Waitrose store, once at the checkout area you should see Waitrose vouchers and you will be able to purchase a voucher with a certain amount of money on it, in-store you will be able to purchase £10, £20, £40 and more.

If you would like to buy a voucher online you can go to the Waitrose gifts website and select the gift cards area from the bottom of the page. You will then be provided with some information regarding the vouchers. You will then be able to select a ‘buy’ button which will take you to the John Lewis website where you will be able to purchase a voucher of any value above £1.

Contact Waitrose

You can get in touch with the Waitrose team by dialling 0843 557 4797. You can call the Waitrose team if you like to inquire about purchasing a voucher, you would like to inquire about any issues you have experienced with your voucher, you would like to find out about activating your voucher, you would like to know if there are any items you cannot use the voucher for, you have some inquiries about using the voucher online, you had some issues using the voucher in-store and you would like to file a complaint about it or if you have some other inquiries or issues you would like to discuss with the Waitrose team.