What is Debenhams Plus?

Debenhams Plus is something you may have never come across before, but putting it simply it’s another branch of the Debenhams brand which focuses on the sale of electrical products.

Debenhams Plus sells items like mobile phones, TVs, kitchen appliances, CCTV, gadgets and more.

Buying from Debenhams Plus

Debenhams works with Buy It Direct Limited to offer you a wide range of quality products that you can buy exclusively online.

This allows Debenhams to offer top brands and their highly-rated customer service under one umbrella. Buy It Direct are a specialist retailer with a varied range of electrical items, large kitchen appliances and IT equipment too.

Can you use Debenhams vouchers on Debenhams Plus?

Unfortunately Debenhams Plus doesn’t accept the Debenhams account card, or Debenhams gift vouchers as payment for the purchase of goods. This is because when you pay on Debenhams Plus, it’s Buy It Direct that takes the payment and processes the order.

However, the site does accept all major debit and credit cards, such as Visa, Switch, Solo, MasterCard, etc.

If you’re delivering to a different address than what is the registered card address, the process may take a little longer as they require additional security checks to help decrease the change of fraud occurring.

Can I return Debenhams Plus to store?

Unfortunately, because the Debenhams Plus items are sold through Buy It Direct, you can’t return the items ordered online to a local Debenhams store to you. To get a refund and return your items to Debenhams Plus, you must use the online portal to request a return, they will then authorise the return of the item, and you can send the product back through a courier service, which must be arranged and paid for by you. Once they’ve received the product, they’ll get in touch with you with what happens next.