Everything you need to know about your Vanquis card

Vanquis credit cards are a great option for those who are just starting to build their credit rating, or need some help with improving it.

This is everything you need to know about your Vanquis credit card, such as making payments, activating the card, checking your balance and more.

Vanquis interest rates

As these cards are designed to help you build or improve your credit rating, this results in high interest rates. So, they can be a very expensive form of borrowing. With this in mind, if you are taking out a Vanquis credit card, it should be done with the expectation of clearing your balance in full each and every month to avoid being slapped with their high interest charges.

Vanquis credit limits

Credit limits from Vanquis can be typically quite low, ranging between £150 and £1,000, to start with. After every five months however, customers can apply to have their limit increased.

The maximum credit limit that Vanquis offer on their credit cards is £4,000, but it’s important to note that only customers who have proven that they will pay their bills on time, and manage their account sensibly will be considered for the maximum credit limit.

Vanquis Check Balance

There are a number of ways you can keep track of your balance with Vanquis. They will send out monthly statements which informs you of the date and place of the purchases you’ve made, as well as any cash that has been withdrawn, and payments that have been made on the account.

Vanquis now also offer customers the option to sign up to eVanquis, which is an online service where you can manage your Vanquis account online. You have to specifically sign up to eVanquis, and can do this by calling the number above, and when you do you can then view your balance, access statements and pay your bill whenever is best for you.

Pay Vanquis Card

If you’re looking to make a payment on your Vanquis credit card, there are multiple ways this can be done.

Debit card – You can use your debit card to make a payment, however it’s important to note that it can take two working days for the payments to appear on your account.

Bank app – You can download the Vanquis bank app on both Apple and Android phones, to make your payments.

eVanquis – If you are registered to eVanquis you can make a payment through this portal.

Website – Visit the Vanquis website and use the ‘pay my card’ icon to make a payment online, you don’t have to be registered for eVanquis to use this.

Over the counter – In your monthly statement you’ll find a pre-printed giro which can be used to make payments at your bank or your nearest Post Office.

Post – You can post a cheque or postal order with your pre-printed giro to make a payment to Vanquis, there is also a pre-paid envelope found in your monthly statement.

Direct Debit – Set up a monthly direct debit to make a payment on your Vanquis card.

Vanquis Gold Card

The Vanquis Gold Card no longer is offered by the company, they used to offer them to existing customers who used their Vanquis card responsibly, and the reward was a gold card and an extra £500 credit limit.

Who owns Vanquis credit card?

Vanquis credit card is a UK company that is part of the Provident Financial Group, which was founded more than 130 years ago.

Vanquis Credit Card Address

If you’d prefer to write to Vanquis, you can use the following address to do so.

Vanquis Visa Card Customer Services
PO Box 399