Top 5 Retailers & Their Returns Policies

With Christmas coming up, it can be a really hectic time, especially when you’re looking for great deals on items for your loved ones. If you have purchased something already, but have found something a little more suited to the person you’re buying for, you will find that returning it can be a hassle. Have no fear! We’ve gathered the returns information for 5 of the top retailers this Christmas, and compiled it all into this handy guide…


Amazon is one of THE biggest companies out there right now that offer a range of items, gift ideas and huge discounts for customers around the UK. On their website, not only can you buy from Amazon itself, but from thousands of sellers who work with Amazon to bring you the best deals. If you’re ordering via one of these sellers, it’s important to note that their returns policy may differ than that of Amazon itself. Double check your seller before enquiring about returns, as they may offer a different returns period.

Currently, Amazon’s return policy has been extended in order to ensure that the Christmas. This means that from November 1st,  the returns policy will be extended until midnight on January 31st. After this time, returns can only be made 30 days from purchase.

How to make a return with Amazon

  • Head over to the Returns Support Centre > Click Return Items
  • Find the order that you are unhappy with from the list
  • Select the items you want to return from said order
  • Enter your reason for returning the item
  • Select your preferred returns method
  • Print your label and attach it to your returning goods (once they have been boxed or packaged)

Payment will be placed into your account once the return has been accepted by Amazon.


Looking to return an ill-fitting party dress with ASOS? No problem! The returns policy is so easy that you can send an item back on the day you received it. Simply open your order, try on your clothes, decide whether or not you wish to keep your items, and take it from there. If you wish to send back an item, fill in the form provided with your order (detailing why you’re returning it), pop the item along with the form provided into the bag and add the label provided on top of the previous label. Once all that is done, hand it on to your preferred service, such the Royal Mail, who will do the rest for you. Simple! Make sure your items are returned within the 28 days since you purchased your clothes.


Boots have a range of Christmas offers on at the moment, including their 3 for 2 gift range which is loved by many. If you want to return an item with Boots, you can do within 35 days for a refund or replacement. Any points used for items will be redeemed back into your card at the time of your refund.

If you ordered with Boots online, you can return items to your local store or by free post by filling in the returns label that came with the package. If you are returning an item this way, your money should appear in your account within 14 days of Boots receiving your return.


If you have ordered online, you can return your items to a Lush store, or follow the return instructions on the label given to you in your order. Usually, this will come with a returns label, which you can attach to your parcel in order to return it. If not, you can send address your own label to the following address:

Attn: Lush Digital
PO Box 49
NSW 2163

If you are returning your item by mail, you can expect your money to land back into your account within 2 weeks.


IKEA offers a 365 returns policy on every item in store and online. This includes mattresses, bed frames, and even smaller items. This also extends to replacements and exchanges. You can call the IKEA helpline in order to get more information about returns. When doing this, ensure that you have your order number and information about why are you are returning your items to IKEA.