The Best Places to Buy Unique Gifts Online

Whether it’s finding presents for everyone at Christmas or the perfect surprise for birthdays or special occasions, gift shopping can be a difficult task. Online shopping can save you time, but where do you even start looking? This guide is here to tell you the best websites to browse for unique gifts for your friends and family. No more struggling around the shops and running out of patience! Find quirky gifts fast with convenient delivery to your home or work.


You’ve probably heard of Etsy – it’s like eBay for crafters. Thousands of people sell their handmade products from their online storefronts. There are also vintage or custom items available. You can find all kinds of personalized accessories and everything from fashion to furniture. You can buy framed artworks, stationery, and even toys. The fact that they are handcrafted gives items from Etsy a more personal touch. The only downside is that shipping costs can vary. On the plus side, you can support artists around the world by purchasing their work and sharing it.

Not on the High Street

If you mixed Etsy with Moonpig then you would get something like Not on the High Street. This is one of the best places to find handmade gifts for locals. If you know people who consider alcohol a personality trait, then you will find plenty of prosecco or beer-themed gifts. There are some decent unique things to be found, but a lot of things on Not on the High Street can be overpriced. You can also order cute food items from around the UK such as iced biscuits or personalized chocolates. Something this website has that Etsy doesn’t is that you can also purchase experience packages within the UK. This includes a variety of creative workshops and sports or leisure activities.

I Want One of Those

Similar to Not On the High Street but also selling branded products is I Want One of Those (or IWOOT). They have a specific gifts section with all the usual recipient and occasion filters. Or you can just look through each category – homewares, technology, toys, or clothing. You can find quirky gifts for fans of mainstream franchises of all ages. Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Pokemon – all the usual suspects, plus gaming, gadgets, and charming home decor. You can also find some items from other gifting brands that you may not know about, or may have seen elsewhere.


The biggest novelty gifts website in the UK is arguably Firebox. Home of humorous and random objects with some for practical use, this is the place to look if you want to make people laugh. They sell a huge range of gadgets, food, and lifestyle products, often with a silly or funny twist. There is even a section for gifts that are so bizarre, they don’t actually exist – but they could someday. Firebox is great for both child-friendly and adult-rated items. You can find pop culture gifts from dinosaurs to Drag Race. You can even get someone’s face printed on something (or a pet’s face!). There are lots of card games, and if you want to risk it, you could buy mystery boxes for genuine surprises.


Prezzybox is basically Firebox but for the kind of people who you could also shop on Not on the High Street for. There are less pop culture items and more lifestyle products. There is a mix of novelty gifts and some less quirky ones if you need to tone down the humour. They have a wider range of gifts specifically for kids if you have young family members to cater for. Plus there is everything from tea towels to household and garden tools if you’re really out of ideas. They also sell experience days that are mainly geared towards either adventure or relaxation activities.


If you like the individuality of designs on Etsy but prefer the product application choice of Redbubble, then take a look at Society6. It’s a good place to buy beautiful things that will experience everyday use and be purposeful as well as pretty. There is everything from wall art to linen to storage. This makes it perfect for moving-home gifts or going-away-to-uni presents. The drawback is that it is an American website, so you have to wait longer for shipping and may have to pay customs fees as well. However, Society6 does have a large range of unique designs available.


If you haven’t heard of it, Kikkerland is pretty much like that novelty toy shop you went into once when you were on holiday when you were younger. It has US and EU websites, but not a UK one, so you will have to order from the EU site. There are hundreds of genuinely cool little gadgets and decor items to suit specific tastes. From keychains and magnets all the way up to solar-powered toys, you can find something small but awesome for everyone. There are lots of organizational and desktop items, making it the perfect place to shop for your workplace Secret Santa.


Despite its name, Menkind also sells gifts for women and kids. Overall though, it’s the novelty gadget central for stereotypical male interests. Think superheroes, gaming, beer, BBQs, and watches. Though, of course, you can buy these gifts for anyone, not just dads and bros. There’s plenty of crude humour and retro nostalgia. And there’s even an “unusual gifts” section if you are specifically on the hunt for a truly weird gift. Some of them are only a little bit odd and some of them are very WTF. It depends on how much you want to unsettle the recipient or amuse them.

Forbidden Planet

Fans of movies, television, and pop culture fantasy and horror will probably be familiar with Forbidden Planet. It is a British cult entertainment and bookstore chain named after a sci-fi movie from 1956. If you don’t happen to have a shop nearby, their website offers all of their products, though prices might differ. If you know someone who loves comics or graphic novels, you’ll be able to find something for them here. From gaming to anime, from Star Wars to Stranger Things, you can find all kinds of nerdy merchandise including clothing, stationery, decor, and accessories.

Present & Correct

If you know somebody who likes clean and vintage designs and stationery, then check out Present & Correct. It features a neat array of notepads, writing utensils, envelopes, desk organization items, and accessories. Or if you just like the images, you can buy some of them as prints. It’s a great resource for fans of vintage items and graphic design. You could buy old calculators and maths equipment for the throwback factor or typewriter accessories for the aesthetic. They are even selling dozens of books on different types of graphic design from all around the world.

Finest Imaginary

Shopping for a fan of quirky art? Then take a look at the goods on sale from Finest Imaginary. They stock little gifts with a lot of charm, like jewellery and pins and patches. You can also get t-shirts, notebooks, and screen prints of some of the phrases and designs. There are amusing regional sayings like “it’ll be reet” and “it’s grim up north” as well as cute designs of animals and plants. The products are a bit on the pricier side, but they are well-made and definitely original. There is even a range of earrings shaped like body parts or fruit if you’re into that sort of thing.

Happy Socks

This is very specific, but (in the words of Albus Dumbledore) one can never have enough socks. It’s also one way to brighten up daily life and show a bit of personality. If you know the kind of person who wears brightly coloured or even odd socks, then this website will be right up their street. Happy Socks, as you might have guessed, sells pairs of socks with fun designs on them. A basic concept, but still delightful if you enjoy wearing your appreciation of Andy Warhol or The Beatles on your feet. There are plenty of food and animal patterns if the person has a favourite.


A typo isn’t just a typing error, it is also the name of an Australian retail brand. It is home to a range of quirky gift choices, including cards and gift wrapping. Their gifts include designs from major franchises like Disney and Harry Potter. The downside of Typo is that their pricing can be on the higher side. However, there is almost always some kind of sale, meaning that you can pick up great gifts at bargain prices. You can find silly and surprisingly useful gifts for all kinds of people from Typo. They offer kitschy homewares, stationery, tech accessories, bags, and more.

Sass & Belle

Sass & Belle is the anti-Menkind, full of kawaii and family-friendly accessories. They sell cute furnishings, decor, accessories, and toys. There is a section specifically for kids if you are looking for age-appropriate gifts. They have lots of sweet and colourful products for a multitude of purposes. There are various styles, such as vintage, modern, bohemian, or shabby chic. You can even shop by themes like animal designs, including unicorns, flamingos, llamas, and cats. There’s something for lovers of everything from plants to food to feminism, and artist Frida Kahlo as well.


Last but not least on this list is the Instagrammable shop Skinnydip. Awash with the latest trends in make-up and accessories, this is the place to pick up fashionable phone cases, bags, clothes, and beauty products. From milk cartons to mermaids, anything cute and/or glittery can usually be found on Skinnydip. You can also find Skinnydip products at other retailers, such as Boots. There is usually a sale on and when you order directly from Skinnydip, students can get 20% off. You can even personalize products like water bottles, card holders, and phone cases.