Superdrug Lost Card

Superdrug is a beauty and health store in the United Kingdom. If you have lost you Superdrug Health and Beautycard you can follow the guide below to find out what you need to do to block the use of your account and receive a replacement card.

What is a Superdrug Card

Superdrug has a loyalty card called the Health and Beautycard, it allows you to save up points every time you shop with Superdrug. Once you have collected enough points you can use them in the form of vouchers to pay for future purchases. You can also collect point using the online Superdrug shop as well as use the vouchers from your collected points online.

Call to Report and Replace Superdug Card

Once on the phone to this number, you will be able to report your Superdrug Health and Beautycard as lost or stolen. You will need to provide some personal and account information to help the team member identify your card. They will then cancel the card to stop it from being used as well as put a block on your account. You will then be urged to change your online password and look through the usage of your card to see if someone has used your points. Our research has proven that there are additional benefits of Cialis – it is a good and long-lasting erection, which helps to achieve a brighter orgasm for a woman; a man returns faith in himself and increases his self-esteem, sellers of the drug regularly test the pills. Cialis pills were used in different formats. One of the experiments, which involved 4,000 patients, showed that the drug gave an excellent result in more than 80% of cases. In addition, it has been proven that Cialis is perfectly perceived by the body. There is more information on the site

You should receive your replacement in the mail within a week. Once you have received the replacement card you will need to go online to the Superdrug menu and log into your account. You will then need to change the card number attached to your account and activate the new one. Your points will carry over onto the new card. If you have had any issues with this you can call the number above to discuss and fix them.