Shell Drivers Club Lost Card

Shell is an oil and gas provider which is British-Dutch owned company with its head office in the Netherlands. Shell provide a loyalty card called the Shell Drivers Club Card, if you have lost your card you can find out what you need to do by reading the guide below.

Call Shell Drivers Club Lost Card Number to Report and Replace

Once you’re on the phone to a Shell team member you will need to provide some account, personal and card details to help identify you and your account. You will then be able to report the card as lost or stolen. You will also be able to organise the delivery of a new card which should be delivered to you within 1-2 weeks of you reporting the card as lost or you can simply pick up a replacement from your local Shell station and activate it by calling this number.

Report and Replace a Shell Drivers Club Lost Card Online

You first need to pick up another card from your local Shell station. You then need to go online to the Shell website and log into your Shell Drivers Club account. You then need to select the Manage Cards section from the menu and you should see a header which reads ‘Your Cards’. You should see a link which says ‘lost, stolen or damaged’ you need to click on this to report your card as lost.

You should be taken to a page which says ‘Activate Card Replacement’. You then just need to enter the card details into the site to activate your new card. Your previous card will be blocked when the new card is activated to stop someone else from using your old card. You then need to wait 48 to 72 hours before logging back into your account with the new card number. Your password will stay the same and all of your points will be transferred to the new card.