How To Sell Spare Tickets on Viagogo

There’s nothing worse than having spare tickets to a concert when you’ve spent money on them or buying tickets for a concert and then losing interest in the artist. If you’re in a situation were you have some tickets for a concert or event that you won’t be using and you want to sell you can sell them on Viagogo!

viagogo sell tickets

How To Sell Tickets On Viagogo

The first thing you need to do when selling tickets on Viagogo is have an account with the site. Once you’re on the site you can log in or sign up by clicking the ‘sign up’ or ‘log in’ buttons on the right corner of the site. For convenience, you can even sign up or log in with your Facebook account.

Once you’re logged in you need to click on the ‘sell tickets’ button in the far right of the screen. After clicking this button you will be taken to a page with a search bar and some lists of popular events. If the event you have tickets for is on the popular events lists just select the event. To search for the event you have tickets for you can search for event name, the venue or the city it is taking place in.

You need to find the event you have tickets for and select it. You will be given some options regarding your tickets such as the ticket type (paper or e-tickets), the number of tickets you have, the seating details which will be categorised into sections and if they’re seated tickets, into row and seat numbers. You will then be asked to enter the face value of the tickets, this is the price that is printed on your tickets.

You will then need to select any required ticket details such as limited view, child ticket, ticket and meal, VIP package etc. Look through the various options and select any that apply to the tickets you have, it is important you select these as you need to provide this information to the people buying your tickets.

Once you have entered your ticket information you will be asked to set your price, they will recommend a price range for your tickets based on the ticket prices of other tickets being sold for the event or concert you have tickets for. On the right side of the screen, it will explain the seller fees as well as the VAT and show you how much money you will receive from the sale of your tickets.

Set your price and select continue, your tickets should now be on sale and you will receive a notification when your tickets have been successfully sold.