Scottish Power Lost Gas Card

Read this guide to find out what to do if you have lost your gas card from Scottish Power and need to get another.

Why You Need a Scottish Power Gas Card

As you are probably aware if you have ever had one, gas cards are necessary to top up Pay As You Go meters. If Scottish Power is your energy supplier, then you probably have both a gas card and electricity key for your meter. You must regularly put money on the card or key and transfer it to the meter. Your meter charges you for energy as you use it, reducing your credit balance. If your card or key stops working or you lose it, then you will not be able to top up your balance. The meter will run out of credit and your supply will eventually be cut off if you fail to pay for the energy that you are using. There is a small emergency credit balance which you can activate to give you some more time, but you will have to pay that back later. You need to ask them for a replacement as soon as possible.

How to Contact Scottish Power About a Lost Gas Card

First, ensure that you have your Scottish Power account number. You can find it on correspondence from Scottish Power about your billing. If you do not receive letters from Scottish Power, check your e-mails or online account instead. You will need to provide your customer details when you call so that Scottish Power can help you.They will need to either send one out to you in the post or give you a code so that you can pick up a new card from your nearest PayPoint location right away. Using the code, you can collect a new gas card from PayPoint and top it up with credit while you are there. Then you will need to take the card home and insert it into your meter to top it up.

How to Order a New Scottish Power Gas Card Online

If you would prefer to order a replacement gas card from Scottish Power online, then go to the website and log into your account. In your Scottish Power MyAccount, you should be able to view your electricity and gas supplies. Go to your gas supply and there should be an option there to order a replacement gas card. Click on this and you can arrange for a new Scottish Power gas card either delivered to your home or to collect from a local PayPoint. You will then have to take the card to a Post Office or PayPoint to top it up so that you can transfer credit onto your gas meter. This is why it is usually easier to arrange a new gas card at a PayPoint, because you can also top it up there. It might be more convenient to wait for Scottish Power to post the card and then top up at your Post Office if you cannot go to a PayPoint outlet. You may be able to use emergency credit if your meter runs out in the meantime.

How to Get a Replacement Scottish Power Gas Card from PayPoint

As mentioned, you must either phone Scottish Power or request a new gas card online if you have lost it. They will give you a code to use at PayPoint to get a new card that will work for your gas meter and be connected to your Scottish Power customer account. You can select the PayPoint outlet that you want to collect it from when you request a replacement card. If you’re not sure where the nearest one is, you can search online. Then go to that location with your code and explain that you are getting a new Scottish Power gas card. You can top the card up with however much credit you like (between £1 and £49 in one transaction) when they give it to you. Then take your gas card and use it to top up your meter back at home. If you used emergency credit, it will take the debt from this.

How to Get Credit Back from Scottish Power Lost Gas Card

In unfortunate cases, you might lose your gas card after topping it up but before you transferred the credit to your meter. If your gas card has gone missing somewhere between the shop or post office and getting back home, try not to despair. You can get a new gas card in the ways described above, and it should be free to do so. At the same time, when you contact Scottish Power, explain about the credit that was on the card. You will need to provide proof of the top-up purchase, which is usually the code on the receipt. If you have also lost the receipt, then provide them with details such as the location where you bought the top-up and the time of purchase. Scottish Power might be able to transfer the credit to your new top-up card instead, so you will not have lost the money that you spent on it.