Santander Order New Debit Card

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Santander is a bank which offers many financial products in the UK. The most common free product is a debit card, which you can get with a current account. Debit cards normally expire and require renewal every 3 years. The bank, in this case Santander, should send a replacement card in the post before the expiration date on your current card without you having to ask. However, there are some circumstances which would require you to request a new debit card from Santander yourself. This guide will tell you how to order a new Santander debit card if anything happens.

How to Replace Lost or Stolen Santander Card

Losing your card is a serious problem, whether it has been purposefully stolen or just gone missing. You need to report the lost card to Santander as soon as possible so that they can cancel it. This will minimize your risk of financial loss and ensure that you’ll receive a replacement card faster. You can go into a Santander branch with photo ID if you need to access your money before receiving a new card.If you have the Santander mobile app, then you can report a lost or stolen card that way too. Just go to “Manage Cards” in the “My Money” section to order a replacement card.

How to Replace Damaged Santander Card

Even if your card is not missing, you might still need to replace your Santander debit card. The details on your card may have rubbed off and become illegible, or the chip could be damaged. If you are not able to use it properly, then you need to order a new one. You can do so through online banking in the “ATM & Debit Card Services” section, or in the mobile app as above. You can also call the Santander customer services phone number above to speak to Santander about getting a new debit card. Santander will post a replacement debit card to you within 10 days. Or you can take your damaged debit card into a Santander branch and show it to the advisors to ask for a new card.

How to Replace Retained Santander Card

On rare occasions, people might find that a cash machine retains their card when they try to withdraw money from an ATM. If the ATM is at a Santander branch, then ask them for assistance inside. They should be able to recover and return the card within 5-10 business days. You may have to come back to the branch to pick it up and provide adequate proof of identity. If Santander does not operate the ATM, you must contact the operator. Other banks will usually destroy cards retained by their ATMs if you are not a customer with them. If you are unable to recover your Santander debit card after it has been retained, you will have to consider it lost and follow those steps to replace it.

How to Order New Santander Contactless Card

Contactless cards allow you to pay with the card without having to enter its PIN. They only work with contactless card readers and normally have a maximum transaction limit of £30 for contactless payments. You can still use these cards for chip-and-PIN payments as well. When Santander automatically sends out replacement cards for expiring current cards, they should always have contactless functionality now. If your debit card is not contactless, you can wait until it expires to get an updated new card. If you currently have a contactless card but it has stopped working or gone missing, then you will have to request a replacement. You can do it in the ways already mentioned.

How to Activate New Santander Debit Card

Once you receive your new Santander debit card, you will have to activate it. You can activate it in the app if you are registered for mobile banking. Or you can activate it via mobile banking if you go to the settings section. Santander will send a passcode to the mobile phone number associated with your bank account which you’ll have to enter to complete the activation. Otherwise, you can activate the new card by completing a chip and PIN transaction. This could be in a store or at an ATM. Go into a branch or call customer services if you are unable to activate your card.