Sainsbury’s Lost Card

Sainsbury’s is a British supermarket than also operates as Sainsbury’s Bank and provides financial services to its customers. If you have lost your Sainsbury’s credit card you can read this page

Call Sainsbury’s Bank to Report Lost Credit Card

Once you call the number a team member will need to take some personal and account details, they will then cancel the card and put a block on your account. This should stop someone who has found the card from possibly using it. You will then need to go through your recent statement with the team member to see if there is any bank activity that was not completed by you, if this is the case you should be able to get your money back and Sainsbury’s will pass the information to the police for investigation.

Organise a Replacement Card

Whilst on the phone using the number above you will be able to organise the delivery of your new card. You will not be able to use your card until your replacement card arrives as the block will still be in place until you activate the new card. Your new card should arrive in the mail within 4 working days and it will arrive with instructions on how to activate it. If you have any inquiries about activating your new card call the number above.

Call Sainsbury’s to Report and Replace Nectar Card

They will also block your nectar card and make sure no one has been spending your Nectar points with the lost card. You should receive your new Nectar card in the mail within a week of reporting it as lost. The new card will come with instructions on how to activate the card and start using your Nectar points again.