How Do I Return Something to IKEA?

How Do I Return Something to IKEA?
Many people shop at IKEA for furniture and homewares that are affordable but functional and pleasing to look at. The downside of IKEA is that not everyone who wants to shop there lives within travelling distance of one of their huge warehouse stores. You can order online, but home delivery costs range from £3.95 to £35, depending on the size of your items. And then there is the problem of returns. You get the products home, unpack everything, take a look and check your measurements and… something isn’t right. Whether it just doesn’t look the way you thought it would, or you made a wrong choice, you find that you need to return it to IKEA to get your money back. Now what?

How Can I Return Items to IKEA?

Assuming that you have access to a car, the return item fits in it, and you don’t live too far away from an IKEA, this will be straightforward for you. Just pack up your item and bring it back to the store to ask for a refund. You can even return it to an IKEA Order and Collection Point if there is one closer to you than the store. Find your nearest IKEA with their Locator. Be sure to bring the receipt as proof of purchase. When you buy an item instore, you have 365 days to change your mind and return it. A year is a long time, but the product needs to still be new and unused. If possible, it should still be in the original packaging. IKEA will issue a refund in full to the same payment method.

Can I Return an Assembled Item to IKEA?

If you assemble the item and then decide that you no longer want it, you can still return it. The product must be in good condition so that IKEA can resell it. You should disassemble it as far as possible to make it easier to return. Only leave an item assembled if taking it apart would risk causing damage to it. Depending on its condition, IKEA may refuse to accept the return. They might only offer a gift card or an exchange instead of a full refund. For this reason, it is better to return an item as soon as possible rather than 364 days later. The value of the refund and the method is at the store’s discretion. These return policy conditions apply to made-to-order items from IKEA as well.
How Do I Return Something to IKEA?

How Do I Return Online Orders to IKEA?

If you order online for home delivery, your return options are slightly different. After the date of delivery, you have 14 days to cancel for a full refund. To notify them of your cancellation, you should call IKEA or send an e-mail. You will need your Order Acknowledgement e-mail ready to provide the details. You must then return the product, including packaging if this is possible. Return the item to an IKEA store or Collection Point, or send it back with CollectPlus. This returns method is only available for smaller packages. These should be under 10kg and no larger than 60cm x 50cm x 50cm. IKEA will issue a refund 14 days from receipt of the return, or earlier if you provide proof of postage.

How Do I Book a Collection for IKEA Returns?

If the product is too big and you are not able to travel to a store, contact IKEA to arrange a collection. You will need your order number and the delivery receipt. IKEA can only collect an item from the address they originally delivered it to. You must provide as much information as possible which may affect the collection, such as any narrow stairs, corridors, or doors. Make sure that the IKEA team can access your property. If they advise that the collection could cause damage to the product or to your property, you can still ask for a collection, but they will not be liable for any damage. You will need to provide all of the parts and accessories that came with it and sign a collection document.

Can I Return an IKEA Mattress?

For hygiene reasons, you can only return a mattress within 365 days if it is still in sealed packaging. However, IKEA does offer a “Love It or Exchange It” policy. You have 90 days to try out your mattress and get used to it. If you just can’t get comfortable, then you can return it and choose another mattress instead. IKEA covers its mattresses with a free 25-year warranty. You can only return your mattress if it is in good condition, with no marks or damage. IKEA advises customers to wait at least one month to allow their body to adapt to the new mattress. If you upgrade your mattress, you will have to pay the price difference. IKEA issues store credit if you exchange for a cheaper mattress.
How Do I Return Something to IKEA?

What If My IKEA Item is Faulty?

Sometimes it happens that a product has some superficial damage or is missing a piece. If part of your product is faulty, take this part into the IKEA store and they will exchange it. Or you can return the product as a whole to get a replacement or a refund. If there are missing or damaged fittings, IKEA can provide free replacements. You need to contact them with the 6-digit code for the piece in the assembly guide. They can provide them instore or post them to you. If your assembly guide is missing, there should be a copy online. IKEA has generous guarantees if a product becomes faulty during this period. Check for product recalls if you have concerns regarding manufacturing faults.

How Do Returns Work for IKEA Family?

IKEA has its own loyalty programme called IKEA Family. They allow frequent IKEA customers to access exclusive discounts and deals. If you purchase instore and swipe your IKEA Family card at the till, it will insure your products against accidental damage. Even if you break a product yourself, you can return it within 90 days for a replacement or a refund card with store credit. To claim IKEA Family free product insurance, you must return the product to the store and present your IKEA Family card along with the receipt. Unfortunately, this free insurance does not apply to custom goods, Bargain Corner purchases, additional IKEA services, or the cafe, restaurant, bistro, or food market.