Replacement NUS Card Guide

The National Union of Students created the NUS Extra scheme in 2006 to allow eligible students to get exclusive discounts with the purchase of an NUS Extra membership. Around 95% of student unions from higher education institutions in the UK affiliate with NUS. Students attending these institutions can join NUS and buy the discount cards. From August 2018, NUS is replacing NUS Extra with TOTUM. This is the same as NUS Extra but with a new look, new discounts, and a mobile app. Students can buy membership cards in the same way, but can also have a digital version of the card on their phones. Cards are available for 1,2, or 3-year memberships. Students will have to renew their membership to continue using the card. NUS Extra cards are still valid until their expiry dates. After this, renewal will create a replacement TOTUM membership. It is your responsibility to look after your NUS Extra card or TOTUM card. If you lose it or somebody steals it, then you must contact NUS to request to get a replacement card.

Replace Lost NUS Card

If you have lost your NUS card, then you need to order a replacement from NUS. Even if it was still an NUS Extra card, ordering a replacement will get you a TOTUM card instead. They will send out your new card within 3-5 days, and you can expect to receive it in the post by 7 days after that. You can send an e-mail to if you need assistance with getting a replacement NUS card. Contact them if you order a replacement card but you do not receive it within the next 2 weeks. You will have to activate your replacement NUS card before you can start to use it. If you have the TOTUM app on your phone, then you must update it by linking your new card to the app. You can do this by tapping “Activate Card” or “Already have a card” in the Profile area of the app. Log into it using the same e-mail address you used to sign up for NUS Extra or TOTUM. If it is your first time using the app, then you will have to set a new password as well. You can track the delivery of the card through your account under “Track Your Card.”

Cost of Replacement NUS Card

If you are renewing your NUS card, then you will have to pay the full price for the next membership length. This is £12 for 1 year, £22 for 2 years, or £32 for 3 years. You will also have to pay £1.50 for home delivery on top of this. When you lose your physical card within 28 days of its due expiry date, you might simply want to renew it. You can still use your digital card in the meantime if you have the TOTUM app. If you do not have the app and you need a replacement physical card to use in the next month, then you will have to contact NUS. Prior to this 28-day window before the expiry date, you can go to the TOTUM website and enter your e-mail address. It will prompt you to order a replacement card for a cost of £5 up until that point. Bear in mind that replacement cards purchased this way will have the same expiry date as your current card. It is not a renewal, so you will still have to renew the card and pay the full fee when it expires. The only way for you to get a replacement NUS card for free is if your card was stolen, and you have a crime reference number from the police. You must contact NUS and provide the crime reference number in order for them to issue a free replacement NUS card. Again, it will take up to 10 working days to get it.