Renault Key Card Replacement Guide

If you have lost your key card for your Renault car or it has been stolen you can follow the guide below to find out how to get a replacement key card, a replacement battery or a repair for your key card.

Renault Key Card Repair

The issue will either be with your vehicle or with the key card itself. On the phone, they will either be able to diagnose the issue for you or make an appointment for you at your local Renault dealership to get your key card or vehicle repaired or in some cases allow you to purchase a replacement key card if the issue cannot be fixed. If you have made an appointment to visit your local Renault dealership you need to make sure you bring your vehicle registration document and photo ID.

Renault Key Card Replace Battery

You can also find out what battery your key card takes by looking in your owner’s handbook, where you will also find instructions of how to access the emergency key and start your car manually if your key card still does not work with a new battery in it. You can also call the number to order a new battery to your home or ask where you can purchase one if you need it urgently, your local Renault dealership should also sell them.

Renault Key Card Replacement Cost

The cost of a replacement Renault Key Card differs depending on what car and model you have and where about in the UK you are located. As they prices differ you will have to call to find out the exact cost of your key card but they usually cost around £150-£200 for a replacement card.

Renault Key Card Replacement

If you are travelling to your nearest Renault dealership to purchase a new key card for your vehicle you need to make sure you have your vehicle registration document and some photo ID (for example a drivers licence) you will need to bring this to confirm your identity to make sure that you own the vehicle, otherwise they will not be able to sell you the replacement Renault key card.