How to Get a Refund for Your Cancelled Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour Date

How to Get a Refund for Your Cancelled Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour Date

On Friday night, Lady Gaga posted a tweet announcing the cancellation of the remaining shows on the European leg of her Joanne World Tour. Due to health issues, the final 10 shows of the tour will not be going ahead. This comes as a huge disappointment to UK fans, especially because the shows this week were already rescheduled from last year. Lady Gaga postponed the original shows from October 2017 to February 2018 because she was struggling with severe pain. Gaga revealed some of her battle with fibromyalgia, a condition which causes chronic pain and fatigue, through her Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two last year.

Statement from Live Nation

The cancellation statement does not actually cite the cause of Lady Gaga’s pain. We can only assume that her condition is preventing her from touring extensively. Travelling and performing a concert on the scale of Lady Gaga’s show night after night would be exhausting for anyone, let alone someone who suffers from fibromyalgia. Again, Gaga’s medical team are advising her to put her health first. As a result, Lady Gaga and the promoter Live Nation are cancelling the remaining shows on the current tour. Rather than postpone them one more time and risk not being able to deliver again when the rescheduled dates come around, it seems like a better choice for Gaga to cancel them altogether. See the statement from Live Nation below:
How to Get a Refund for Your Cancelled Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour Date

Statement from Lady Gaga

This statement from Live Nation was paired with a more personal statement from Lady Gaga herself. She is known for her passionate performances with energetic choreography. As a serious artist, she would not want to deliver a substandard performance, even if she wasn’t in pain.  Gaga is also known for how much she loves her fanbase. Lady Gaga fans took on the name “Monsters” after the release of her second album The Fame Monster in 2009. Gaga’s statement shows how upsetting it is for her to have to disappoint her fans like this again. It also makes it clear that her health must seriously be at risk in order for her to do this. Here is the emotional statement from Lady Gaga regarding the cancellation:
How to Get a Refund for Your Cancelled Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour DateThough understandably disappointed, fans have been sending their well-wishes to Gaga on social media. The artist tweeted photographs of flowers arranged to spell out “I MISS U” yesterday. While Gaga recovers at home, fans will be starting the process of trying to get their money back. Lady Gaga tickets do not come cheap, after all. However, you shouldn’t worry about being out of pocket if you can no longer attend your Lady Gaga concert. As of today, Tuesday 6th February, refunds are available from the point of purchase. Simply follow the information below to make sure you get a refund for your tickets. This applies to the 06/02/18 concert at Manchester Arena and the shows at The O2 Arena in London on 04/02/18 and 08/02/18.

Primary Ticket Sellers

The ticketing partners for these Joanne World Tour dates are Ticketmaster, Live Nation, and AXS. These sites were the only primary sellers for Lady Gaga tickets. If you bought your tickets through one of them, your purchase will be secure. The company should contact you by e-mail today to let you know about the situation if they haven’t already. Luckily for you, usually Ticketmaster and Live Nation will automatically issue a refund in the event of a cancellation.

This refund generally includes the face value price of the ticket. Ticketmaster will also refund any additional service charges, but not the handling fees. AXS does not refund any delivery charges either. Live Nation will refund the face value price only. This is part of the terms and conditions you agree to when you buy a ticket from the seller.

Refund Process

The companies will refund the money back to the card used to purchase the tickets. As the phone lines will be busy, you may want to wait for your refund to arrive. Allow 5-15 days for your refund to process. If the money is not in your bank account by this time, contact Ticketmaster, Live Nation or AXS directly about your refund. For data protection reasons, customer services will normally only speak to the cardholder, so they must be the one to call.

If you have a new card, you will need to call as soon as possible to make sure they have the correct details to send you the refund. Usually, if you pay partially with a gift card and the rest by card, the full refund will go to your credit or debit card. If you paid completely with gift cards, the money will go back onto one of the gift cards. Call if your gift card has expired since placing the order, or you no longer have it.

VIP Packages

The refund information above applies to regular tickets, such as seating and standing tickets, as well as Platinum tickets from Ticketmaster. If you bought a package from Ticketmaster or Live Nation’s VIP section, the refund process may be different. This includes the “Come to Mama“, “Dancin’ in Circles“, “Perfect Illusion“, “Ultimate Backstage” and “Premium VIP Party” packages. The contents of these packages vary with the price, including different items of merchandise and hospitality.

Since the event is not happening, the promoter can no longer offer you hospitality or meet and greets. However, items of merchandise may already have been provided in advance. If specially procured items such as lanyards and t-shirts are available, these might still be given to you. For this reason, you might only be eligible for a partial refund of the package cost. The seller should be in contact with you to let you know what will happen regarding your package. If you have not heard anything yet, call them yourself to arrange your refund.

Secondary Tickets and Resellers

A secondary ticket is one which somebody else purchased from the authorized seller, then sold on to you. Any tickets bought through sites like StubHubViagogo or Ticketmaster subsidiary Get Me In! are secondary tickets. Most secondary ticket sites have a protection policy in case of cancellation. If they aren’t providing what you paid for, then they must reimburse you. Unfortunately, any refund they issue may not include the large additional fees they charge on top of the sale price. If you sold a ticket through a resale website, you will not be paid for the sale. Instead, you can claim a refund from the site you originally bought the ticket from.

Contact the secondary ticket site if they have not been in touch with you about the cancellation or refunds. They may ask you to return the tickets to them before they issue your refund. If a ticket resale company challenges your right to a refund, provide the cancellation statement as evidence. Some sites like Viagogo may try to claim that you are not entitled to a refund for a postponed event. This would have been true when Lady Gaga rescheduled the October tour dates. However, these February concerts are completely cancelled and will not be rescheduled. Under the code of practice set by the Association of Secondary Ticket Agents, they must refund you.

Other Ticket Sources

If you bought your tickets from an individual online, it is much trickier to get a refund. As the original purchaser, they can claim a refund from the primary seller as well as pocketing your money. If they are an honest person, they might agree to refund you if you contact them to ask. However, a large number of people reselling tickets are touts who are just trying to make a profit off of music fans. If this is the case, it is highly unlikely that they will agree to give you your money back. If you cannot get in touch with the individual again or they refuse to refund you, there are still some things you can do to get your money back. Our research has proven that a full erection requires the correct tone of the vessels of the male organ. It depends on a chemical reaction with the release of nitric oxide, which occurs in the tissues of the penis at the time of arousal and which can interfere with sexual life. Levitra blocks this ability for 10-12 hours (the principle by which the pills for potency work). More information on the site

First of all, contact your card service provider immediately. They may be able to cancel the payment if you sent money from your bank account. If you spent over £100 using a credit card, claim a refund under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. For payments made with a debit card, you can request a refund through the Chargeback Scheme. Both of these policies make the card provider liable for failure to provide goods you have paid for. If you paid the individual through PayPal, you can claim a refund from PayPal under their Buyer Protection policy.

Travel Costs

Even if you purchased your tickets from an authorized seller, they are not liable for any other costs. The terms and conditions will state that the ticket agent is not responsible for transport, accommodation, or other fees such as food or parking relating to you attending the event. This means that any bookings for trains, coaches, or hotels are your own responsibility. Many people were upset at losing the money for travel costs to attend Lady Gaga’s tour in October. Hopefully, they will have chosen a refundable option this time. Services such as sometimes offer refundable bookings, with payment on arrival or free cancellation up to the day before.

If you will no longer be using the travel tickets or staying in the hotel, contact the business to arrange a refund. Even if your booking was not refundable, you may be able to claim at least a portion of the cost back, which is better than nothing. Otherwise, your best choice to avoid wasting money is to take the trip. You may not be seeing Lady Gaga, but you can still visit the city. There are plenty of things to see and do in London and Manchester. From food to shopping centres, museums, and art galleries, you can still have a lovely experience. Why not make the best of the situation and enjoy yourself anyway?