All the ways you can reduce your Virgin Media Bill

When you first signed up to your Virgin Media account you probably were getting a reasonable rate, but over the years it’s likely the price has increased and you feel like there’s not much you can do other than leave them, but all the other options are looking to be a similar price?

It can take a little effort, but there are ways you can reduce your Virgin Media bill, and everyone likes to save a little bit of money, so with our simple tips you can cut back on your monthly cost when it comes a TV, phone and broadband package.

Getting in touch with Virgin Media to reduce your bill

When you phone this number you’ll be given plenty of options to choose from, just follow the choices till you’re connected to an advisor who will be able to help and give solutions for your costly bill.

Downgrade Virgin Media package

The easiest way to reduce your Virgin Media bill is by auditing the channels you use, and those you don’t and cutting back on those you don’t. The most expensive add-ons are the sports packages, and then the movies, so if you’re really not making full use of them, then strike these from your account and watch your bill tumble.

Another way to cut down on your bill is by removing the addition of HD channels, which can cost £5 a month on top of your package. If you can’t see a huge difference, or normal channels don’t really bother you, is it really worth the £60 a year?

Reduce broadband package

Try and see whether you can reduce your broadband package if you’re not using it to the full extent, don’t pay extra for speeds you aren’t getting, and don’t have unlimited broadband if you’re only using a set amount each month.

Go paperless

Are you still receiving a monthly paper bill from Virgin Media? If so, it’s likely you’re being charged for it. You can switch off the monthly paper bill on your online account and switch to eBilling which can save a surprising amount of money each year.

Explain the problems you’re having

If you have incredibly slow broadband, or bad connections to the TV channels, or have had to wait ridiculously long to speak to someone on the phone, explain all of this to the advisor who can make a note of it on your file, and then when you’re asking for a discount they can see that you’ve had problems with them in the past. This can be really useful in haggling a price if they want to keep you as a customer.

Leave and come back as a new customer

Virgin Media are said to see you as a new customer after three months, so you could always leave, wait and then come back to see what offers they have for new customers. Or switch to Sky for a contract term, and get their best new customer deal, and then come back to Virgin Media as a new customer the next year.

Refer a friend

It might only be a one-off payment, but it’s still £50 off your bill. You just need to refer a friend, and when it’s all installed you’ll both get £50 off your next bill.

If it doesn’t work, try again

Honestly, we’re not entirely sure how true this is, but by accepting you’re not going to get money off today, it doesn’t mean you can’t try again, you might have just gotten a grumpy advisor who is in the middle of a bad day, or they may not be authorised to give deals that you’re looking for.

Accept what’s being said to you, hang up and call back in a few days, you might get lucky next time.

Ask for extras

If you can’t get money off your bill, they try and ask for some extras to be thrown into your package, such as the movies collection, or some sports channels.

Top tips for haggling with Virgin Media

  • Make a quick note of the reasons why you think you deserve a discount, so you don’t forget any of your reasons.
  • Call at the right time, that not only means calling towards the end of your contract, but find the right day and time. The middle of the month, times outside lunchtime or 5pm-7pm probably are going to be your best options.
  • Start off with the right tone, you want a friendly and warming manner. Don’t be entitled, because they can sense that when you speak to them.
  • You’ll want to get passed through to the retentions customer services, because these are the people who will try and keep you as a customer.
  • Explain what you’re getting, and how you’ve found a deal similar somewhere else that’s cheaper, see whether they can match or better it.