The best ways you can reduce your BT bill

The price of phone, broadband and TV packages can increase year on year, and while it might have started out as a relatively small bill over the years it will have increased and you might have found yourself paying more and more.

If you’d like to cut the price of your BT bill, whether you have just broadband or a whole range of products from them, we have some helpful tips that could help you cut back on your monthly spend.

Speaking to BT to get your bill price cut

Carve out a portion of time in the day when you’re not busy and not likely to be interrupted, as it might be a long phone call.

You’ll want to speak to them clearly and if you’re likely to forget them, it might be useful to jot down some notes on why you think your bill should be reduced, as well as having in mind a limit you’d like your bill to be. By telling them this, they can let you know what you’re likely to receive for that price.

Cancel BT Sport

BT Sport can sometimes be an add-on package that’s given when you first sign up to BT, and after that first year you’ll be charged to watch it. Check your bill because your free year might be up without you even knowing it. Phone BT on the number above and say that’d you’d like it take off, or explain you can’t afford it, you never know they may give you another six or 12 months free of it.

Review your package

What exactly are you paying for from BT and what exactly do you use? If you’re making full use of everything, you might find it difficult to cut certain things from your package, but if you’re not making use of everything you might be able reduce your bill by cutting certain things from it.

Change your inclusive calls

BT can offer inclusive call packages with their phone line, such as unlimited weekend calls or unlimited evening calls for a set rate. Take a look at how much and when you’re using your phone line, or if you have a mobile package that includes unlimited calls, you might want to consider removing your landline. You could have your landline there out of habit more than anything else, and not really even use the phone as much as you think.

Go for paperless bills

Does BT charge you for getting a monthly bill sent in the post? Double check this and if they do switch to online bills that don’t cost a thing. You can save a considerable sum of money each year if you make the switch.

Helpful tips for getting your bills reduced

Do some research – Before you call to try and get a reduction in your price, take a look at BT’s competitors and see what prices they have for packages similar to yours. Then when you call, you say X offers all of this for said amount, and see if they’re willing to do anything about it.

Speak to retentions – When you get through to the customer service team at BT, your best bet is speaking to someone in the retentions department, whose job it is to keep customers on board. They’ll be able to offer the best options for you in a bid to keep you as a valued customer.

Check your contract – The best offers will be able to you when your contract has ended, and it’s important to know when it ends because your price is likely to increase when it does. Don’t get caught out being out of contract with BT.

Have a nice tone – Don’t start the conversation annoyed and disgruntled, although you might feel it with a large bill you’re paying each month. Instead, try to be explanatory and give reasons why you’re calling and why you deserve a better price from BT.

Expect a new contract – When you’re calling to get something better from BT, it’s likely they’ll expect you to tie in to a new 12-month contract, so they know they have you for the foreseeable. Expect this, because it’s likely to be the only way you’ll get the price you really want from them.