PlayStation Store Returns Guide

Many customers prefer to make purchases directly from PlayStation rather than through secondary retailers. It is often easier to order equipment and games online through the PlayStation Network or the website. However, this can make things confusing if you want to return something. It is not as simple as taking the item back to the shop. This guide will explain the PlayStation store return policy for online purchases if you want to get a refund for one.

PlayStation Store Game Returns

You have 14 days from the date of purchase to request a refund for a game. This includes downloads and add-ons for games (such as themes, avatars, season passes, and consumables). You mustn’t download or begin streaming digital content or it will no longer be eligible for a refund. You cannot cancel in-game consumables if you purchase them during play, because they will launch immediately. The only way to get a refund outside of these conditions is if the purchase is faulty. In any case, you must request a refund online. They do not have to reply within the 14 days.

PlayStation Store Pre-Order Returns

It is possible to purchase something ahead of its release date so that you receive it as soon as it’s available. If you place a pre-order more than 14 days before the product release date, then you only have until the release date to cancel. For pre-orders made within 14 days of release, you have the usual 14 days afterwards to request a refund. The same rules of no downloads or streaming apply. You can only get a refund for unused or faulty content. Make sure to turn off “Automatic Downloads” in your settings so that you do not get caught out by updating applications.

PlayStation Store Subscription Returns

There are plenty of PlayStation services that you can sign up for which require the payment of regular fees. These subscriptions include PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Music. When you first subscribe, you will have 14 days to request a refund. PlayStation may issue a pro-rata refund, meaning that they will reduce the total according to your usage of the subscription service. They might issue a full refund and then debit your account for the partial usage fee. After the first 14 days, you can cancel at any time but won’t get a refund for that billing period.

PlayStation Store Device Returns

If you buy a PlayStation console or accessory from a secondary retailer, then you need to follow the return process for that retailer. For purchases directly from PlayStation, you must contact them to arrange a return. They will issue a return reference number and assist you with shipping information. It is your responsibility to package the devices safely to prevent damage and to post them using a secure service. The serial number on your device must match the serial number in your return confirmation e-mail from PlayStation. You will not get a refund if it doesn’t match.

How to Request a Refund from the PlayStation Store

Whenever you want to return a purchase from the PlayStation store, you’ll need to submit a refund request online. Select “PlayStation Store refunds and cancellations” as the subject from the drop-down list here. You must provide the relevant information including the content name and type, the date and transaction ID of the purchase, and your account details. You must also select the reason for your refund request from another drop-down list, with chances to add more information later. PlayStation should notify you of verification or denial of your refund within 72 hours.

PlayStation Store No Refund Policy

There are some purchases which PlayStation will not issue a refund for, so you cannot return them. This includes PSN Wallet top-ups, which you can’t cancel because they are done immediately. You can’t get a refund for paying to change your online ID unless there is a fault with it. If you purchase a voucher code outside of the PlayStation store, then they cannot help you with returns and refunds for that. It is up to you to track your account activity and utilize available settings to control purchase authorisation. They can refuse to refund you for purchases made by mistake.