How to Pay Sky Bill

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If you are a customer with Sky TV, Sky Broadband, or Sky Talk, then all of these services should come under one bill. Sky Mobile is entirely separate with a separate bill. Whichever Sky service you subscribe to, you will have a minimum length contract with monthly payments. Sky should generate your monthly bill up to two weeks before the payment due date. You will then have time to view it and make the payment. If you miss a payment, then Sky could charge you a £10 late payment fee, or a £12 chargeback fee for a failed payment. To avoid extra fees and problems like this, you should pay your Sky bill on time every month. This guide shows how you can pay Sky bills.

Pay Sky Bill By Phone

If you consent to share your card details over the phone, then you can make payments to Sky this way. Alternatively, it will ask you to say the reason for your call in a few words. You can say “pay Sky bill” to proceed. Or, if you keep waiting for the automated menu, there will be a series of numbered options. First, press 1 as an existing Sky customer. Then press 1 again to discuss your Sky bill. You can press 1 for the third time to make a payment, press 2 to check your balance, or press 3 to change your regular payment details. This is not always the fastest way to pay, as there can be long waiting times when the phone lines are busy. It should tell you the current waiting time when you first call.

Pay Sky Bill Online

Go to My Account on the Sky website and sign in using your Sky iD. You can view your latest bill in the “Billing & Payments” section. Sky should upload this to your account 14 days before the date that you have to pay. You can make one-off payments at any time by entering the amount that you want to pay and your card details. Select “Yes, pay now” to confirm the payment. You might have to pass a verification check from your bank for security. If you have saved payment details or set up a Direct Debit, you can change your payment details online as well. You can update your card information or change the payment due date and then save these changes to your account. Bear in mind that changing your payment date can result in a lower or higher Sky bill for the current or following month.

Pay Sky Bill Through TV

If you are a Sky+ customer, press the interactive button on your TV remote. Go into the “My Account” section and under “Manage my account” you should see the option to make a payment. Continue through the steps to enter the payment amount and your payment card details and then confirm to submit it. Or if you have Sky Q, then you can press “Home” on your remote to access your account. Go into the “Payments” section to find the option to make a new payment. You will have to enter your PIN for Sky TV before you can enter the payment details. If you want to change your payment method or date through your TV then you can do this by accessing your account in the same ways as above. You will need to enter the Sky TV PIN to make and save changes, so you cannot do it accidentally.

Pay Sky Bill in My Sky App

Downloading the My Sky app onto a smartphone or tablet can make paying your Sky bills even easier. You can sign into the app using your Sky iD and select “Manage my account” to access your bills. You can view Sky TV and Sky Broadband & Talk bills separately. If you need to adjust the payment date or update your payment method, then you can do this on your latest bill. You can select “Pay now” when you are ready to make a payment and then follow the instructions on your screen to do it. The My Sky app also allows you to view your bills for the next three months. If you add or remove a service or make a pay-per-view or Sky Store purchase do remember that the bills will change.