Parcelforce Late Delivery – What To Do

Are you still waiting for your Parcelforce package to arrive, was your parcel delivered late or do you think it was delivered to the wrong place? You can find out what you need to do regarding a late delivery from Parcelforce with the guide below.

Track your Parcelforce delivery

The first thing you need to do regarding a late Parcelforce delivery is check the online tracking system. You just need to go onto the Parcelforce website and select the ‘receiving’ option, at the bottom of the screen you will see a blue strip that says ‘Track your parcel’ you just need to enter your tracking code and press the ‘track’ button. You will then be told what part of the delivery process your parcel is in and where about it is. They will be able to investigate where it was left and who it was left with, you will be given a refund for the delivery charges and if the parcel cannot be found you should be given some compensation.

Refunds for late delivery

If your Parcelforce delivery was late or you’re still waiting for it to be delivered you will be given a full or parcial refund of delivery charge. If your parcel was sent via the ‘globalvalue’ or ‘globaleconomy’ services you unfortunetely are not eligible for a refund as there is no guarenteed delivery time (if you have not received your parcel at all you can contact the Parcelforce team via the number listed above and receive a full refund and some compensation for the loss of the package). Your percentage of refund will depend on what service the parcel was sent with, you can check online what percentage of a refund your parcel will receive.

Claiming compensation

Once on the phone to Parcelforce, inform them that you need to claim compensation for you late delivery. They will ask you about the delivery tracking number and other information to find your parcel on their system. They will then inform you of how much of a refund your parcel is eligible for and then issue the compensation. Call back if you have not received the compensation within 7 working days.