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Norton Anti-Virus

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Norton Anti-Virus

Norton anti-virus is an anti-malware programme that was first created in 1991 as part of Norton’s computer security products  – it identifies and alerts you to any viruses or potential viruses on your computer and helps you to take the relevant action. If you are protected by Norton, would like to be protected by Norton or are having any issues with your PC then you can call the Norton head office


Ring the Norton Antivirus products contact number and speak to an expert advisor about the different types of products available to you for computer protection. If you need extra information to what you can find online then you can opt to speak directly to an expert where you can explain what you are looking for. They will recommend a specific product based on your needs and requirements and you can even buy it there and then over the phone by calling. When you call the Norton products contact number there will be an automated message that gives you a number of options to choose from, depending on the package you would like to purchase. If you have looked online and decided on a particular product from Norton then make sure you press the right number on your keypad. You will then be put directly through to someone who can help you purchase the product.


The Norton Anti-virus service is designed specially to ensure safe usage of your computer. There is a range of services available including different ‘levels’ of packages such as premium and standard. Call the services contact number if you would like to know which service is best for you – perhaps you want a basic package for family-friendly virus protection or perhaps you run a business and would like something a little more complex. If you explain your preferences to a friendly Norton advisor over the phone, they can find the best service for you. You may have noticed online that Norton offers free trials of their products and this is the perfect way of trying before you buy. If you would like to choose this option, simply state over the phone which service you would like to trial (ask for a list if you are unsure of what is on offer) and a free trial will be set up for you. Please note that although this is a free trial you will be asked over the phone for your payment details because when your free trial ends, the paid version will automatically start unless you choose to cancel. If you would like to cancel, simply call and you will be asked about the details of the package so that it can be cancelled for you.

Internet Security

If you are a Norton customer and have concerns with your internet security then please call to discuss your issue. Norton provides great protection for internet browsing and when you call you can discuss what your options are when it comes to protection. You can press 1 for cybersecurity insights, 2 for privacy concerns (if you have any concerns about online scams etc) and 3) to speak to an advisor. If you want to know how Norton can protect you from any security threats online, an advisor will explain everything to you.


Call the support line if you are having issues with the Norton service and to receive immediate help. Once you call you will be asked by an automated message to state your full name and the type of package you have purchased from Norton (security premium, security deluxe, security standard, family premier, on-the-go etc) please state this slowly and clearly. Once the automated message has picked up your response, you will be transferred through to the correct department. This is the customer support line so whatever issues you are having with your chosen package, you can discuss it here. There is also the opportunity to switch your package to something more suitable by calling this number. In some cases, you may need to arrange for a member of the Norton team to come out and take a look at your computer. If you need to do this, an advisor on this number will ask for your address and give you a list of the available dates and times. You can call back during the line’s opening hours, to cancel or rearrange your slot.

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