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Nintendo Customer Services Contact Number

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Opening Times for Nintendo

Day Opens Closes
Monday 24/7 24/7
Tuesday 24/7 24/7
Wednesday 24/7 24/7
Thursday 24/7 24/7
Friday 24/7 24/7
Saturday 24/7 24/7
Sunday 24/7 24/7
Nintendo Customer Support
PO Box 4678

You might find yourself needing to contact Nintendo’s customer services team on the number to the left, as you might need help understanding one of their services or you could have a question about a product that they offer.


Nintendo is a Japanese multinational electronics and video game company that has headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.  Known for making some of the most famous games in the world, including Mario, Nintendo still grows in terms on business every year.

Nintendo Customer Services

If you’re a Nintendo customer, you might find yourself in need of communication with their customer services team.  The team are available if you call the number to the left and you’ll find someone who can answer any queries you may have surrounding the products that they have and the services that the products offer. You can ask them about any issues you might have experienced and you’ll find a team member who will have all of the knowledge you need.


If you have a Nintendo console, including any of their DS products, or their Wii’s, and you find yourself needing some support with any of the services that the consoles provide, or you would like to know more about the consoles before you buy them, then you can call the Nintendo customer services team on the number to the left and a member of the team will make sure to help you however they can, as they are all full of knowledge on all of the consoles that Nintendo offer.


When you buy games from Nintendo for any of the consoles they offer, you will find that many of the games come from franchises and that there may be many games or accessories within the franchise that you might also be interested in purchasing. If you would like any assistance regarding learning more about the games that Nintendo offer, or you have experienced a problem with one of your games and you’d like to report it to a member of the customer services team, you can call them on the number to the left and a member of the team will help you however you need it.


If you’re looking for support for your Nintendo product and would like to talk to the customer services team about whatever the issue might be that you’re experiencing, then you can call them on the number to the left and they will make sure to help you with whatever your problem is. This could be a problem with using your console, or an issue in the workings of your game, and can easily be solved by the customer services team.


The amiibo service is relatively new to Nintendo and offers the opportunity for your game to become interactive with figures and cards that relate to your game. They can provide new features and enhance your game experience, so it is important that you find an amiibo that works perfectly for your game. If you’re struggling to understand the amiibo service, or you would like some help in understanding how it works and how it will benefit your game, then you can call the Nintendo customer service team on the number to the left and someone will be happy to explain the system to you.


If you would like to begin a career with Nintendo and would like to know more about the career opportunities that are available to you then you can call the customer services team on the number to the left and they’ll help you however they can. Here they will try and let you know all about the career options that Nintendo are currently offering, as well as discussing the application process with you so that you can be sure you will apply correctly.

Nintendo Phone Numbers

Department Opening Hours
Customer Services 24/7
Consoles 24/7
Games 24/7
Support 24/7
amiibo 24/7
Careers 24/7

Other ways to contact Nintendo

You don’t have to just call the Nintendo customer services team, as they provide multiple other opportunities for you to contact them. You can email them on and a member of the team will respond to you as soon as they can, as their email communication is relatively fast when replying. You can also send a letter with your concerns, if you address it to:

Nintendo Customer Support,
PO Box 4678,

and a member of staff will reply to you when they can.

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