NatWest Lost Card Guide

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NatWest, or National Westminister Bank, is a UK bank formed in 1968. It has been a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group since 2000. NatWest is one of the largest banks in the UK, with almost 1,000 branches and 3,400 cash machines. More than 8 million customers use NatWest for personal or business banking. They have a digital assistant called Cora for Online Banking customers to get answers to their queries 24/7. If you have lost a NatWest card, there are things you will need to do to sort this out. Follow this guide to replace a lost or stolen NatWest card.

Lost Bank Card NatWest

Losing your bank card can be very worrying and stressful, especially if it was stolen. To reduce your risk of financial loss due to fraud, you must report the missing bank card to NatWest as soon as possible. Even if you still have your NatWest card, but you think that somebody knows your PIN, you will have to contact them to cancel it and request a new one. If you only request cancellation of your card, NatWest will block it and send the replacement in the post, but they will not send a new PIN unless it was stolen. Check your account and statements for transactions that you don’t recognize so that you can report them as fraudulent and recover your money. Remember that you will need to update any recurring payments such as Direct Debits when you get your new NatWest card with a different number.

NatWest Report Lost Card

There are several ways to report a lost NatWest card to the bank. If you are registered for online banking or have the mobile app, then that will be the fastest method. You can fill in the details and submit your report under the “Manage my card” section of your account. You can ask for advice on accessing your cash without your bank card when you call. They can tell you all of the options you have.

NatWest Lost Card Get Money

When you accidentally forget to bring your card with you and need to withdraw money from an ATM, you can do so with NatWest’s Get Cash feature. However, you need an active debit card for that. So if you are reporting a stolen or lost card and NatWest cancels it, then you will not be able to use Get Cash on your phone for 2 working days after they dispatch the replacement card. You will still be able to withdraw money if you really need it using the NatWest lost debit card emergency cash service. If you cancel your card online then you will not be able to use this service. You must call to report a lost or stolen debit card on the phone and request a code. After you answer some security questions, they will give you a code to enter at an RBS, NatWest, or Tesco cash machine. As long as you have the funds in your account, you will be able to take out up to £300 with the code. This service is only available in the UK.