Morrisons Late Delivery

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Morrisons is the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK. However, it only began to roll out online ordering with home delivery in 2016. You can pay for individual deliveries or purchase a Delivery Pass. Morrisons offers 6 types of Delivery Pass, ranging from £5 a month to £65 a year. Otherwise, delivery charges will vary. There is a minimum spend of £40 for Morrisons online orders for home delivery. They should deliver your order within the one-hour time slot you chose. If your Morrisons delivery is late, then you need to contact Morrisons to find out where your order is.

Morrisons Late Delivery Phone Number

If your Morrisons delivery is running late, then they should call you to let you know before the end of your delivery slot. Press 2 for grocery home delivery. It will ask you if you want to discuss an existing order and then tell you to enter your delivery postcode. Once it locates your order it will connect you to the Morrisons grocery delivery customer service team. They can tell you why your order is late.

Morrisons Late Delivery Online Contact

If you are unable to get assistance over the phone, then you can send an e-mail to them at It may take longer to get a reply this way than it would by calling. You might also want to try getting their attention via the Morrisons social media accounts. They have a Twitter and a Facebook page, which are good platforms to post complaints if you want a faster resolution. Remember that you should not be sharing personal information like your delivery address online unless it is in a private message. They can then get the home delivery team to contact you.

Morrisons Late Delivery Compensation

In cases such as severe weather or unexpected traffic accidents, there is not much you can do about your delivery being late. It generally won’t be the driver’s fault. However, if you feel that your delivery was unreasonably late and Morrisons did not provide a satisfactory service, then you should make a complaint. You can do so using any of the communication methods above. You might want to request a refund of the delivery charge at least, if not a voucher in apology for the inconvenience. In some cases, you can refuse a delivery if it arrives too late and get a full refund.