Everything You Need to Know About the Monsoon Reward Card

Monsoon is a British fashion retailer which is a part of the Monsoon Accessorize company. This group operates international stores for both the Monsoon and Accessorize brands. Monsoon focuses on the clothing side, while Accessorize focuses on accessories. Both brands operate a loyalty scheme for customers to collect points and spend them with either brand. These are the Monsoon Reward Members Club and the Accessorize Treats Club.

What is the Monsoon Reward Members Club?

The Monsoon Reward Members Club, or just Monsoon Reward, is a loyalty programme. It rewards customers for shopping with Monsoon (or its sister brand Accessorize). You have to register for the scheme to begin earning points for purchases from Monsoon and accessing exclusive benefits. You can also sign up for the Accessorize Treats Club to link your memberships. The club is for customers over 16 years old who live in the UK and Ireland.

How do you join the Monsoon Reward Club?

It is easy to sign up for the Monsoon Reward Club online. Monsoon will assign an account number so that you can start collecting points right away. They will send your Monsoon Reward card to you in the post. You should receive it within 7 working days. You can also ask a staff member about joining if you visit a Monsoon store. They will give you a card and help you to register right then and there. Monsoon transfers old memberships to their new scheme.

What are the benefits of Monsoon Reward?

When you join the Monsoon Reward Club, they will give you 15% off your first purchase as a member. You will start collecting points for every purchase. Monsoon converts eligible points balances to vouchers each month. You can then use your vouchers to pay for purchases. Monsoon will offer you a birthday gift and run exclusive promotions throughout the year. Shopping at Monsoon just once a month enters you into a monthly draw for a £1,000 voucher.

How do you become a Monsoon Reward VIP Member?

If you collect 500 points within a year, then you will reach VIP status. This unlocks extra benefits, such as unlimited next day delivery and membership anniversary offers. You can enjoy these exclusive rewards on top of the rewards for regular membership. Once you upgrade to Monsoon Reward VIP, you will always be a VIP member. This means that even if your points balance goes below 500, you can still access the VIP benefits. You don’t need to maintain it.

How can you collect Monsoon Reward points?

To collect points on your purchases, you must link your online Monsoon account or present your Reward Club card before paying. Monsoon awards 1 point for every £1 you spend either instore or online. You will get a £10 voucher for every 100 points you collect. Points are pending for 30 days after purchase to allow for returns. Once they clear, the points stay on your account for 12 months. You can’t collect points for previous purchases or at concessions.

When do you get Monsoon Reward vouchers?

Monsoon converts every 100 points to a £10 voucher once a month. Vouchers are valid for the next 12 months, as are points, before they expire. This only applies to cleared points and not pending ones. Monsoon will contact you to let you know when you have a Reward Voucher or when vouchers are due to expire. This could be via an e-mail, a text message, or the post. You do not have to use your vouchers immediately, you can save them for up to one year.

How can you redeem Monsoon Reward vouchers?

When Monsoon converts your points to vouchers, they load these onto your Reward card. You will have the option to use them when you go to pay instore or online. If you need your PIN number, you can find it on the back of your Reward Card. You cannot redeem vouchers at Monsoon concessions, such as in Debenhams. If your voucher is in euros, then you can only use it in stores in Ireland. You can spend your vouchers on sale items or in Accessorize.

What happens to your Monsoon Reward points if you return a purchase?

There is a returns period of 30 days when you buy from Monsoon. During this time, any points from the transaction will be pending. Monsoon will only clear the points and update your balance after the returns period ends. If you do return anything during this period, Monsoon will deduct the points that you would have earned for the return items. When you pay with Reward vouchers then return something, they credit the refund onto a Merchandise Return Card.

What if you lose your Monsoon Reward Member Club card?

They can check the activity on your card and arrange for you to get a new one. Your replacement Monsoon Reward card may have a different number, but they should update this in your account for you as well. It can take a week for it to arrive. Your points and vouchers should still be available.