The Lush Halloween and Christmas Collections 2018

Every year Lush fans across the country wait impatiently for the release of the Halloween and Christmas collections, who wouldn’t be excited to see Snowfairy back on their shelves or to buy a pumpkin bubble bar?  Here are all of this years Halloween and Christmas Lush releases.


The Ectoplasm Collection

ectoplasm lush collection

The Ectoplasm collection is big in the 2018 Halloween release. They have a jelly bomb (with a little ghostie on them), a ‘shower scream’, a solid perfume, a wash card and a naked shower cream. The collection has an ‘uplifting’ citrusy smell to help you feel refreshed this spooky season.

Spooky Bath Bombs

Halloween Bathbombs lush 2018

This year Lush has released 3 spooky bath bombs for us to enjoy. The first is called Eyeball and yes, you guessed it! it looks like an eyeball. With a white outer shell, an orange iris and black pupil this bathbomb fizzes’ away to reveal a calming Ylang Ylang and lavender scented spooktastic orange filled bath. The second bathbomb is called Lord of Misrule which is a green, patchouli and black pepper scented bathbomb that turns your water into a green and pink swirling masterpiece. The final bathbomb is called Monsters’ Ball and is actually shaped like a one-eyed monster! This bathbomb will leave you smelling beautiful and it will leave your bath looking like a blue and pink work of art.

Witchy Bubble Bar’s and Hauntingly Ghostly Soap

halloween bubble bar and soap lush

Lush has brought out two bubble bars for Halloween this year. The first one is called Bewitched and it is in the shape of a black cat, we’ll call him Salem. He crumbles and creates lots of bubbles as well as giving your bath a woodsy dark scent like wild blackberries! The second bubble bar is called Sparkly Pumpkin and it is (obviously) in the shape of a pumpkin. The pumpkin bubble bar surprisingly doesn’t smell of pumpkins, instead, it has a clean smell of Juniperberry oil as well as a hint of lime and grapefruit. Lush has also brought out a spooky soap bar, in the shape of a ghost! Not only does this soap look cool an smell like lemongrass and bergamot oils but it also glows in the dark!

Freakish Gifts and Chilling Knot-Wraps

halloween gift sets and knot wrap lush

If you know someone who celebrates Halloween like its a month-long spook-filled festival, why not buy them a creepy (but angelic smelling) gift to enjoy during the month of Spooktober! This year lush has 3 gift options to choose from! The first gift set is called Bewitched and it includes the Bewitched Bubble Bar, the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, the Ghost in the Dark soap, Lord Of Misrule bathbomb and the Bewitched knot wrap! The second gift set is called Fang and includes the Eyeball bath bomb and the Fangs ‘n’ Eyes knot wrap. The last gift set is called Two Headed Monster this set includes the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb, the Ectoplasm jelly bomb and the Two Headed Monster knot wrap.

This year Lush also have a big selection of ‘Knot Wrap’s which include Bat Bag, Meow, Monster Party, Peek-A-Boo and Tarot. The Knot Wraps available in the gift sets do not seem to be available to buy separately, so if you see a design you love, treat yourself to a little gift!


lush christmas products 2018

Magical Bath Bombs

This year Lush really went all out with the bath bombs, in total there are 12 Christmas bath bombs! The more the merrier I guess! Those bath bombs are: Butterbear, Cherry Christmas, Golden Wonder (a classic), Holey Night, Luxury Lush Pud, Perie De Sel, Princess Bomb Bomb, Santa Bomb Bomb, Shoot For The Stars, Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, Snowman Bomb Bomb and The Worlds Smallest Disco! You may have noticed the three ‘Bomb Bomb’ bath bombs, this new collection brings a princess, Santa and a snowman to life, well as a little bath bomb figure anyway!

It’s Snowing Soap… and Dust?

There’s a great range of soap out this Christmas, they are: Baked Alaska, Christmas Citrus, Golden Bear, Iceshoggles, Merry Berry, Satsuma, Shooting Stars, Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, Strawberry Santa and The North Polar Bear Left The Tap On. This year there is also was appears to be a loose fresh cleanser called Bûche de Noël and a dusting powder called Fairy Dust! You’ll be joining Peter in Neverland for Christmas this year!

Stuff To Make Your Body Soft and Clean!

If you would like some help making your body all smooth and fresh this winter, look no further Lush has got you covered! You can choose from the Buck’s Fizz body conditioner (also comes naked), the Butterbear Shower Jelly, Charity Pot naked body lotion, Christingle body conditioner (also comes naked), Cinders shower gel (also comes naked), Holly Berry massage bar, Once Upon A Time body lotion (also comes naked), Plum Pudding bath melt, Ro’s Argan Sparkly naked body conditioner, Rudolph jelly mask, Santa’s Belly shower jelly, Sleep shower gel (also comes naked), Snow Fairy shower gel (also comes naked), Snow Fairy Body conditioner (also comes naked), Star Light Star Bright bath melt, Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub and the Sugar Plum Fairy body scrub.

Bubbles and Sparkles

If you would like some add some bubbles to your bathtime and I don’t mean the merry kind, you’ll find everything you could write to Santa for at Lush. There is the Candy Cane reusable bubble bar, Candy Mountain Yule Log bubble bar, Magic Wand reusable bubble bar, Naughty Elf bubble bar, Puddy Holly bubbleroom, Snowflake bubble spinner and the Yog Nog Yule Log. If you prefer sparkles they also have you covered with the Gingerbread Man sparkler jar, the Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar and the Twilight sparkle Jar.

Filled With Fun

If you want something fun this Christmas you can buy the Festive Friends fun this Christmas or if you’d rather spray some Snow Fairy everywhere you can get the Snow Fairy Body Spray.

Knot-Wraps and Gifts

The range of knot wraps this Christmas is many and great, you can get the Autumn Leaves knot wrap, Christmas Critters knot wrap, Christmas Party knot wrap, Fun Guys knot wrap, the Harlequin knot wrap, the Ho, Ho, Ho! knot wrap, Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, Pears Pop, Roger And The Big Ski KnotWrap, Santa’s Map, Ski Season, Snow Fairy, Winter Floral knot wrap, Winter Wonderland knot wrap and the Woof! knot wrap.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a Lush loved one, you can choose from a huge range of more than 40 gift sets! a few of them are Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, Stardust, The Night Before Christmas and Christmas Bathtime Favourites.