Lost Virgin Credit Card Guide

If you have lost your Virgin credit card you can follow the below guide to find out what you need to do to cancel the lost card and get a replacement.

Virgin Credit Card – Lost Card Number

You need to call the number to report your card as lost or stolen, they will cancel the card and freeze your account to ensure nobody tries to use your card.

Cancel Lost Virgin Credit Card

When you call the number above to you cancel your card, you will need to go through your recent statement to make sure your card has not been used by anybody else. If your card has been used by another person to purchase things you will be protected by their fraud policy, the payments will be cancelled and Virgin will contact the police regarding this.

Replacement Virgin Credit Card

You can order a replacement card by calling the customer service team with the number above, you just need to inform them that you need a new card and you will receive your replacement card within 5-7 working days. If you have not received your card you can call the number again to check it has been sent out. It’s likely that your new card will have the same PIN as your previous card, but just double check with them, as they may wish to send out a new one to you. This will be sent in a letter separate to your card in the post.

You can also order a replacement card by going onto the Virgin Money website and signing into your account. You then need to go to the account of the card you need to replacement and there should be an option to order a replacement of the cancelled card. Unfortunately, there is no way to continue using the account until you receive your new replacement card as your account will be locked to stop fraud.