Santander Lost Card Guide

If you have lost your Santander card you can follow this guide to find out how to report it, replace it and more.

Santander Report Lost Card

When you call the number above, you will need to state whether your Santander card is lost or stolen, they will cancel your card immediately to ensure nobody can use your card to commit fraud. They will send you a new replacement card immediately and you should receive it within 7 days if you haven’t received the new card yet you can call the lost card number to ensure they sent out your replacement card.

You will need to use mobile or online banking to check that there are no transactions that you did not make. If you spot any transactions that you do not recognise making you need to call the lost card contact number and they will contact the police regarding the fraudulent transactions.

You will be protected against fraud if you contacted Santander as soon as you realised your card was lost or stolen and that you took proper precautions to keep your pin and card safe. If you followed these precautions they will cancel the fraudulent transactions so you will not have to pay for the charges made on your card.

How To Use Your Santander Account Whilst Your Card Is Lost

You can access the money in your account whilst waiting for a new card by calling your nearest branch and arranging an appointment or by just going to your nearest branch and bringing some photo ID or another card you have with Santander and you will be able to get money out of your account. There is not a way to continue using your account online when your card has been cancelled.