Capital One Lost Card Guide

If you have lost your Capital One card you can find out how to report your Capital One card as lost and you to get a replacement card with this guide.

Capital One Credit Card Report Lost

You can report your Capital One credit card as lost or stolen by going the Capital One website, you will find a section in the help area of the site regarding lost or stolen cards. On the help page, you will find a ‘report card lost or stolen’ button which you need to click. This link will take you to a sign in page where you need to enter your username or password. Once you are logged in you will need to select the card that is lost or stolen and report it.

You will just need to give them some account and card information and inform them that your card has been lost or stolen and they will deactivate the card to stop other people from using your card.

The importance of reporting a lost card

You will be protected against fraud as long as you inform Capital One as soon as possible of your card being lost or stolen. You will need to go through your recent statements to check that your lost or stolen card has not already been used to commit fraud. If there are some transactions you do not recognise making you should get in contact with Capital One using the number above and they will take the transactions off your account and get in touch with the police.

Once your lost/stolen card is deactivated they will automatically send out a replacement card to you in the mail that should arrive within a week, if it does not arrive you should contact the Capital One customer service team on the contact number above. You will just need to activate the new account to start using it again, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use your Capital One account to make transactions whilst waiting for your new account as it will be locked to stop fraud.