Late Delivery From Deliveroo – What To Do

If you have not received your Deliveroo delivery, your Deliveroo delivery was late or your Deliveroo delivery did not arrive at all you can follow the guide below to find out what you need to do to receive your order or request a refund for your order as well as inform Deliveroo of the late delivery.

Check your Deliveroo delivery updates on the app or website

You should first check where your Deliveroo driver is by going onto your app and checking your recent order. It should tell you if your food is being prepared or whether it is on its way to you. Inform them of this and you should receive a refund, they will investigate what happened to your food.

Late delivery Deliveroo

You will be able to make a complaint and find out what took the driver longer than expected. You can also ask for a refund of the delivery charge if you believe it affected your experience with the company.

Deliveroo delivery has not arrived yet

If you are still waiting for your Deliveroo delivery you need to either call the restaurant or call the driver to inquire about where they are. If you cannot get in touch with either of the restaurant or driver you can then call Deliveroo customer service to find out when your food will be delivered to you. You can call Deliveroo customer service on te.