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Opening Times for Jack's

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 10pm
Tuesday 8am 10pm
Wednesday 8am 10pm
Thursday 8am 10pm
Friday 8am 10pm
Saturday 8am 10pm
Sunday 11am 5pm
Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco House
Shire Park
Kestrel Way
Welwyn Garden City


Jack’s Contact Numbers

Expedia Opening Hours
Customer Services
Shop Smart 24/7
Product Information 24/7
Payments 24/7
Promotions 24/7
Swaps and Refunds 24/7

Customer service

You can phone the customer service team for Jack’s on the number to the left. When you call this number they will be able to assist you with finding your nearest Jacks store. They can also let you know if there are going to be any stores opening in your area soon.

If you’d like to find out about the car parking facilities at your local Jack’s store you can also ring this number.

If your car was involved in an accident at Jack’s store ring this number to find out what the next steps are.

Shop Smart

Get more details about the Jack’s Shop Smart App when you call the number to the left when you ring this number you can also find out if Shop Smart is available at your local Jack’s store.

If you find that you’ve been charged for an item that you didn’t scan, or the item scanned twice, you can phone this number to get it rectified and get the money refunded to you.

Product information

Call the number to the left to get details on specific products that are available from Jack’s. When you call this number you find out where specific products are sourced from. If you’d like to make a suggestion for certain items to be stocked at Jack’s you can also ring this number to make this suggestion.


If you’d like to inquire about the different payment options available when shopping in a Jack’s store you can ring the number to the left. When you phone this number they’ll be able to tell you whether they accept cheques, as well as details of the payment cards that are accepted. You can also find out if they’ll accept Scottish and Northern Irish bank notes in store.

If you’ve been overcharged for a transaction at a Jack’s store you can ring this number above to get it sorted quickly.

Find out if Jack’s accept healthy start vouchers, or supplier or branded coupons when you ring the number above too.


To find out what promotions and offers are happening in Jack’s stores at the minute you can phone the number to the left. When you call this number they can provide details of the latest special offers that are being run, with details of the electrical, beauty, food and more special discounts that are currently running.

Swaps and Refunds

Find out whether your purchases are eligible to be swapped or refunded when you call the number to the left. When you phone the number here the Jack’s customer service team can inform you of the items that can’t be refunded. If something is faulty or of poor quality, you can also ring this number above to find out if you’re eligible to have your money refunded to you.

For help with electrical problems you can also ring the number above, where they can provide support in helping to fix it, if possible.

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