How To Take Content Control Off Vodafone

Vodafone is a British telecoms company that was founded in 1991. The company currently operates in countries all over the world with 313 million customers as of 2018.

What is Vodafone Content Control

Vodafone content control is Vodafone’s child safety control, it stops phones from accessing ‘adult’ content online if they have not verified they account holder is above 18 years old. It allows parents to block their children or teenagers accessing information and media online that is not age appropriate. The content control lock is put in place immediately and your age must be verified for the lock to be taken off. You can find out how to take the content control lock off by following the instructions below.

How to Take Vodafone Content Control Off Your Device

Their customer service team will be able to explain whether this is possible for your device and how best to get it done.

If you wish to take the Vodafone content control off of your device you can do so by going to the MyVodafone website and log in to your Vodafone account. You then need to go to the services and extras bar and select your device. Once you have selected your device you need to scroll down to the bars and data alerts menu, in the bars section you will find the age-restricted content bar.

If you have already verified your age you can simply toggle the button to ‘off’ and then wait 10 minutes and restart your device to access the age-restricted content.

To verify your age you can either enter your credit or debit card details (you will not be charged for anything) online or you can take your ID to a local Vodafone store and they will turn content control off.

To verify your age online you need to enter your card details into the website, the billing address for your credit or debit card needs to be the same as the address you used when setting up your Vodafone account.

After you have filled out your card details you will see the bar and data alerts menu again where you will need to select bar and the age-restricted online content tab. Here you can turn off the content control on your account. You will then need to wait 10 minutes and restart your phone to access the age-restricted content.