How to Switch Off Voicemail

How to Switch Off Voicemail
In the age of texting, voicemail is becoming an out-of-date formality. Some people do prefer to use it, but a lot of people feel like they do not need voicemail. If someone really needs to leave a message, they can send a text. And if you really want to speak to them on the phone, you will call them back when you see the missed call notification. If you find voicemail unnecessary and annoying, then read this guide. It will tell you how to turn your voicemail off.

How to Switch Off iPhone Voicemail

Call the voicemail facility on your iPhone and listen to the numbered options. Choose the administrative options and wait to see if you can select to disable voicemail. Alternatively, go into your settings and scroll down to Phone. Tap on Call Forwarding and toggle it off to turn it off. You can also change your voicemail password if you need to. If the toggle is already off, then call your network provider. They might have to disable your voicemail at their end.

How to Switch Off Samsung Voicemail

If you have a Samsung device or another phone with an Android operating system, then there is a slightly different process. Go into your Settings and into Applications. Go through to the Phone sub-menu and view More Settings. Tap on Call Forwarding and then Voice Call. Then tap on each voice call option and disable them individually. Once you have turned them all off, your calls should not divert to voicemail. It will keep ringing until the person hangs up.

How to Switch Off O2 Voicemail

O2 has a voicemail service called 901. You can dial 901 at any time to access your voicemail and make changes. This includes your personal message and the PIN or password for accessing your mailbox. If you want to turn off O2 voicemail, then call 1760 from your O2 phone number. You can turn O2 voicemail back on again at any time by calling 1750 instead. You can switch your O2 voicemail service off or on again whenever you like (within reason!).

How to Switch Off EE Voicemail

If your mobile network is EE, then you should be able to turn your voicemail off with a simple text. Send a message saying “remove voicemail divert” to 150. If this does not work, try sending “VM OFF” as an alternative. You can turn your voicemail back on by texting “VM ON” to 150. If you want to do it manually to make sure, then dial 150 instead. Choose the Tech Support option from the automatic menu to turn off voicemail diversions (this is usually option 3).

How to Switch Off Three Voicemail

You can switch off the voicemail function on your Three phone by dialling them on 333. Select Tech Support from the options in the numbered menu. Then choose the option to turn off voicemail. You will have to call 333 to turn it back on if you change your mind. Alternatively, you can call 1210 to disable Three voicemail services, and call 1211 to re-activate them. Contact Three customer services to speak to an adviser at Three if there is a problem with this.

How to Switch Off Voicemail

How to Switch Off BT Voicemail

BT Mobile is automatically set up to divert to voicemail when you do not answer a call. This service is called BT Answer 1571. You can call 15710 to turn off BT voicemail, then call 15711 if you want to put it back on. If you are the BT account holder then you can change your voicemail settings online. Manage your calling features by logging into your My BT account. Cancel 1571 by removing your messaging features, and upgrade again later if you prefer.

How to Switch Off Sky Voicemail

You will usually have to set up a PIN the first time that you access Sky voicemail. This is for security purposes, as you will need to enter the PIN to listen to your voicemails from another phone or from outside the UK. Sky does not allow you to turn off its voicemail service completely. However, you can turn message recording off to stop callers from leaving a voicemail. To do this, call 759 from your Sky phone and press option 3, then option 5, then option 1.

How to Switch Off Tesco Mobile Voicemail

Dial 905 on your Tesco Mobile phone to access your Tesco voicemail service. You can choose from the numbered menu options to make changes to your Tesco voicemail settings. This includes turning PIN protection on or off, or changing your PIN. You can call 2915 directly if you want to switch off Tesco voicemail completely. Or call 2905 to switch it back on again if you want to use voicemail after all. These are free numbers, so Tesco should not charge.

How to Switch Off Virgin Voicemail

You can turn off Virgin voicemail yourself when you log into your Virgin online account. Under the Plan and Devices section, you should be able to manage your services. Select which features you want to switch on or off, including voicemail. If this option is not available, then you can call Virgin voicemail on 789. You will have to request that they disable the voicemail feature for you. If you do this, then you will have to call the network again to switch it back on.

How to Switch Off Vodafone Voicemail

With Vodafone voicemail, including TalkMobile voicemail, it is also as easy as making a phone call to turn this off. When you want to shut off Vodafone voicemail, dial 1210 and it should disable it. If you want to enable Vodafone voicemail again later, then dial 1211. You should receive confirmation every time you activate or de-activate your voicemail, but you can check for yourself to make sure if it is working or not by calling your own phone number.

How to Switch Off iD Mobile Voicemail

You can access iD Mobile voicemail by calling 123 from your iD phone. Dialling 7777 will put you in touch with their customer service team. They can activate the voicemail service on your mobile or disable it if you request this. You can also set up a PIN if you want more security on your voicemail. If you have an online iD Mobile account or the iD app, then log in and go to the Services area. You should be able to toggle the voicemail on or off for your iD Mobile.