How To Set Up A Wifi Booster

how to set up a wifi booster

Wifi boosters can be bought for your home if your internet connection is lacking in one area of your home or if the wifi signal is weak all together and you would like to improve on the signal without switching supplier. Wifi boosters usually plug into a wall socket and then your wifi’s ethernet cable can be plugged into the wifi booster to start boosting your internet signal. You can purchase a generic wifi booster from hardware/technology stores or online stores such as Amazon. You can also receive Wifi boosters from your internet supplier if you believe their signal is the reason you wifi speed or coverage is low. Below we have explained how to receive and set up wifi boosters from some leading internet providers.

Virgin Media Wifi Boosters

How you set up your Virgin Media wifi booster not only depends on what booster you have but also what wifi box you own. You can find personalised instructions for your wifi box and booster by going to the Virgin Media website, we have listed some general instructions for you below.

Netgear Powerline 1000

You simply plug this booster into the wall and wait for the Virgin box to connect to the booster and once this is completed you can connect the booster to the device you would like to the wifi signal to be boosted for via ethernet cable. This booster is perfect for Virgin Media TV, a smart TV or a game console.

Netgear Powerline 1200

This booster is set up the same way as the Netgear Powerline 1000 booster and it also works in the same way. The only difference is that this booster has a plug socket on the front to allow you to still use the plug the booster is using.

Netgear Powerline Wifi 1000

This booster extends the wifi signal from your box to your devices. You simply plug it in, it will connect to your virgin media box and you will be able to connect your devices to the wireless booster for better wifi signal. You also have the option of connecting a device via ethernet cable to the booster.

Sky Wifi Booster

Similar to Virgin Media, the Sky Wifi booster set up depends on the booster and wifi box you own, for personalised help with your set up go to the Sky website. You can follow the instructions below for a generalised set-up guide.

Sky Wireless Booster, Sky Q Booster and Sky Broadband Booster

Set down your booster near your internet box (for the Sky Q booster set it down half way from the wifi box to the area in your house where the bad signal is). You first need to connect your booster to the box, you can do this by plugging your booster into the mains and holding down the WPS button on the booster, do this until it flashes red. Once, the light turns back to white you can unplug the booster and take it to the appropriate area to boost the signal, once you plug it back in it will reconnect automatically.

BT Wifi Disk Booster

The first thing you need to do to set up your BT Wifi Disk is to download the MyBT app (you can do this is any mobile device application store). Open the app and select ‘Begin Setup’ the app will show you how to set up your first Smart Hub (this step is only for those who haven’t already set up their Smart Hub).

Once you have set up your Smart Hub you can go to the homepage of the app select the ‘more’ option which is located on the bottom right of the screen. You then need to select the ‘Your Wifi Network’ option and then the ‘Setup New Disk’ button. You should have received an ethernet cable in the package the Wifi Disk came in, you need to plug one end into the booster disk and the other end into one of the yellow sockets on the back of your internet hub. You then need to wait 3 minutes and your disk should light up blue. Once the disk lights up blue you can unplug the ethernet from both ends, the disk may go red but that is okay.

Once the disk turns back to blue unplug it from the mains. The BT app will ask you about the size and layout of your home and offer you some suggestions about positioning the disk.

Take your phone, the disk and the power supply to where you think it needs to be positioned (usually half way from the wifi box and the area that needs a boost in wifi signal). Once you’re there you need to click ‘begin location test’ on the app, the app will then tell you when you have found the best place for the disk. Once you have found the best place for the disk you need to select ‘I’ll use this location’ then plug the disk into the nearest mains socket. The app will then ask you to name the disk and once you have done this your booster will then be set up.