How to Get Replacement Tickets from Ticketmaster

How to Get Replacement Tickets from Ticketmaster

From music to comedy, attending live events is one of the best experiences. Many people purchase tickets to their favourite events through the leading ticket retailer, Ticketmaster. What plenty of people don’t do is check the terms and conditions before they buy them. In the buzz of trying to snag high-demand tickets the minute they go on sale, you might not even think about it. Knowing what you can do if something goes wrong is important, especially since tickets can be so expensive. You don’t want to risk losing your money or being unable to go to the event. Have you bought tickets from Ticketmaster and now realized that there was a mistake? This is what you can do to fix things.

Can I change my Ticketmaster tickets?

According to the Ticketmaster Fan Guarantee, you have 72 hours to change your mind about your tickets. You can cancel the order or request an exchange within 3 days of purchase. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster will not allow you to change or cancel your selected tickets after this. The only way you can get a refund is due to the cancellation of the event. If you want completely different tickets, you will have to purchase them separately and re-sell the other tickets. You should contact Ticketmaster if you decide to cancel or exchange any tickets under the Fan Guarantee.

When you choose to cancel, they will refund you the value of the tickets. They will only refund any delivery costs if they did not post your tickets yet. If you want to exchange them, you can only swap for tickets of the same value or higher at the same event. This will incur an administration fee of £5 per booking if you choose to exchange tickets. You cannot swap to another date on the same tour, or any other event. Depending on the promoter and the type of event, your tickets might not be eligible for the Fan Guarantee. Contact Ticketmaster to discuss your ticket options.

How to Get Replacement Tickets from Ticketmaster

Can I change Ticketmaster delivery?

Ticketmaster sends tickets out closer to the event date. You should receive your tickets no later than 5 days before the event. If you need to change the delivery address, you should do this as soon as possible. Tickets sent by post will arrive at the billing address unless you contact them to change this from 72 hours after you make the booking. In most cases, Ticketmaster will not be able to change the method of delivery if you change your mind. Available delivery methods will be shown at the time of purchase. You should pick the most suitable option for your tickets.

If you do realize that you made the wrong choice, contact Ticketmaster to explain your situation. Changes to the delivery method are at their discretion. If you just need them sending to a different address, they should be able to change the delivery to that address. If the tickets have not been despatched yet, you may request to swap to box office collection if that would be easier. The ability to do this depends on the event, the venue, and the organizer. If you opted for TicketFast you can swap to physical tickets and pay for postage. You can’t change Paperless tickets.

Will Ticketmaster replace lost tickets?

It is your responsibility to look after your tickets once you receive them. You need to keep them safe and take them with you to the event to gain entry. Ticketmaster will not accept responsibility if you lose your tickets or if they are stolen from you. The only exception is if your tickets somehow are lost in the post, or if you cannot access digital tickets online. In these cases, if you contact Ticketmaster they should be able to sort out an alternative. Normally, they will arrange for you to collect new tickets from the venue box office rather than send out replacements. This is to avoid circulating duplicate tickets, since it could pose a safety risk if multiple people enter with the same ticket.

How to Get Replacement Tickets from Ticketmaster

Will Ticketmaster replace damaged tickets?

As mentioned, it is up to you to make sure you take care of your tickets. You will not be able to get into the event without them. If the tickets arrive damaged, or there is an error on the ticket, contact Ticketmaster immediately. They can advise you on what they are going to do to rectify the issue. In some cases, you might have to pay the additional administration fees necessary for them to make changes. Sometimes, they might simply advise you to use your damaged ticket anyway. As long as there is one clear barcode per ticket, the venue staff should be able to scan them and let you in. Contact Ticketmaster if both barcodes on a ticket are damaged to check if it is still valid.

Will Ticketmaster refund my order?

In some cases, Ticketmaster may cancel your order themselves and return the money. This could be because your billing address doesn’t match, or you have broken booking restrictions. These include making multiple bookings to get around a ticket limit, or attempting to resell a non-transferable ticket. If you want to cancel for a refund yourself, then you will have 72 hours to do this under the Fan Guarantee. You will be automatically entitled to a refund if the event is cancelled in advance. Other than circumstances like these, you cannot cancel a Ticketmaster booking for a refund. You could re-sell your tickets to other fans on platforms like Get Me In! or Seatwave to get the money back.

How do I cancel Ticketmaster Insurance?

When you buy your ticket, you can add Missed Event Insurance to the booking for an extra fee. This will enable you to claim at least a partial refund if you can no longer make it to the event. If you chose this option by accident, you can cancel it within 14 days of the booking. Ticketmaster will not be able to cancel the policy or refund the cost for you. The policy is with Allianz and you are the policyholder, so you will have to contact them directly yourself. E-mail them at Call them on 0345 641 9727 if you need to claim against your ticket insurance. Or call 0345 641 9726 to cancel your insurance, or to make general enquiries or complaints.