How to Claim Compensation from easyJet

easyJet always try to make sure that whatever service they provide meets the standards that they set themselves to make sure that their customers are satisfied with everything that they encounter while flying with the airline. However, you may have found yourself booking your flights with easyJet recently and ending up in a situation where the service you received from the company has left you feeling unhappy and underwhelmed due to flight cancellations or delays. Quite often you may find that you have been involved in a situation out of your control that the airline could have avoided or should compensate you for. If you feel like this and you believe that you deserve compensation from the cancellation or delay of your flight then you should make sure that you contact easyJet and start the process of claiming your compensation.

Reasons for claiming compensation

There are multiple reasons why you might want to claim compensation from easyJet, which will be when your flight has been cancelled or delayed. If your flight has been cancelled, you can apply for compensation if you were informed of the cancellation less than two weeks before the scheduled departure time and you haven’t been offered a re-routing, or if the cancellation is due to circumstances that could have been avoided. You can also claim for involuntary offloads that are for reasons other than grounds of health, safety or adequate travel documentation.

Your compensation will be reduced by 50% if easyJet can offer you rerouting on an alternative flight to your final destination.

When you can claim

If your flight was booked with easyJet in the last six years and was disrupted because of an airline issue, you are able to claim possibly up to £520 per passenger in compensation. This is especially if your flight was delayed by three hours or more, where you should be provided with refreshment vouchers while you are waiting. If your flight is delayed overnight then they promise to find a hotel for you as well as providing transfers and making sure your meals are covered. If your flight is cancelled then they should make sure to get you on the next available flight or pay you a full refund.

If you were in any of these situations and you found that your situation wasn’t handled correctly or you weren’t offered any of the solutions that easyJet has agreed to provide, then you should be able to claim compensation to ensure that you can be fully repaid for the service that you received from the airline.

When you can’t claim

You won’t be entitled to compensation in a number of situations, so you should be sure to check these to ensure you are definitely eligible. You cannot claim for compensation if you were informed of the cancellation more than two weeks before your scheduled departure time, or between 2 weeks and 7 days before the scheduled departure time and you were offered rerouting that would allow you to depart no more than two hours before the scheduled departure time, as long as it let you arrive at your final destination less than four hours after your scheduled arrival time. You also can’t claim compensation if you were informed of the cancellation less than 7 days before the scheduled departure time and were offered rerouting that would allow you to depart more than one hour before the scheduled departure time that would reach your final destination less than two hours after the scheduled arrival time. easyJet will also not compensate you on any cancellations that are due to extraordinary circumstances that couldn’t have been avoided, including but not limited to air traffic control, weather, civil unrest, terrorist alerts & security alerts, strike action and unexpected flight safety shortcomings.

If your situation doesn’t apply to any of those mentioned above, then make sure you contact easyJet immediately to organise your compensation with their customer services team.

How to claim

If you have found yourself in the position where you need to make a claim for compensation from easyJet, then you need to know how to go about that situation. There are multiple websites that dedicate themselves to helping you receive compensation from an airline that you have flown with, although you will usually find that most of these websites will expect some kind of payment for their help in gaining you money from the airline. Therefore, it is easier for you if you use the easyJet website to see if you are liable for compensation. If you find their compensation claim form then you can enter all of the details of the flight that you were involved with, including your booking reference and flight number, as well as the date of the flight. They will collect all of your details, including the amount of passengers you had within your booking, so you should ensure that you were the person who booked the original flight when you apply your details to this form. From here, easyJet will consider your details along with details of the flight that was involved to determine whether or not they believe that you are viable for compensation from them.

If you are viable for compensation, then there is a variety of fees you may find yourself being offered depending on the distance your flight was supposed to travel and whether or not you were offered the chance to use a rerouting flight to your final destination.

EU Compensation Guidelines

If you are departing from an EU airport on any airline, or you are departing from an EU airport on an EU carrier you are entitled to care and compensation under the EU regulation 261-2004 for a delayed arrival time of more than two hours. The airline must provide food and drink appropriate to the time of day (usually in voucher form) and must provide you with a means of communicating your delay (or a refund of the cost of the calls).

If there is an overnight delay, airlines must provide hotel accommodation as well as transport to reach it – or transport home if you live close enough. If you are involved in a major disruption then you may be asked to make your own arrangements and then claim the cost back – they won’t pay a full refund for an expensive hotel unless there isn’t an alternative available to you.

For a delay that lasts three hours or more you’re entitled to a cash payment of €250 (£198) for short flights and €400 (£318) for a flight distance that lasts between 1,500-3,500km. For any flights that are over 3,500km you’ll receive €300 (£238) for a delay of 3-4 hours and €600 (£476) for more than four hours.

If you experience a shorter delay than these but then miss a connecting flight that is also at an EU airport then you can still claim for long-haul compensation as long as the delay means that you arrive at your final destination three hours late.

You can also claim for a delayed flight outside the EU on a non-EU airline if your journey begins in the UK, as long as the flight that left from the UK arrived more than three hours late.

If the airline has offered you vouchers as compensation, it is entirely up to you if you accept them or not, but The Regulation states that the airline should pay the compensation in cash.

When a flight with an EU airline or from an EU airport is cancelled last minute then the airline has to pay for a hotel and sustenance for everyone until a replacement flight is found. Similar rules and amounts for compensation apply as for delays and there are particular conditions and variations depending on how far in advance the flight was cancelled.

Any other arrangements that you may have paid for, including hire cars, hotels, villas or other accommodation that are independent of your flight that are affected by your delay or inability to fly are not liable by the airline.

All of this applies to any flights with easyJet, so make sure to take all of the information into consideration when you claim for compensation from easyJet so that you can be completely sure you will receive what you deserve.