How to Cancel an Argos Card

If you visit one of their stores or their website, you will find that Argos offer the chance to sign up for a store credit card, meaning that you have the opportunity to create an account with the store where you can buy items on a buy now pay later basis. This provides the chance to buy all of the Argos items that you might want including furniture, jewellery, health and beauty products and kid’s toys and electronics and you can be certain that you will have a back up for payment that means you can buy without immediately having to pay – which can be useful for those who prefer to have all of their money come out of the bank at once. This can be incredibly useful if you find yourself shopping at Argos frequently and feel that the card would benefit you, but some people may find that having the card isn’t as useful as they first thought. If you find yourself as one of those people who aren’t as happy with having their Argos card as they might have been, then you have the chance to cancel your card and free yourself of the burden of another card that you have to make repayments on.

Reasons for cancelling your card

There could be a multitude of reasons that you decided to cancel your Argos card, which is expected because everyone is different and therefore not everyone will have the same experience with the Argos card as those who enjoy using it regularly. Perhaps you ordered the card and then realised shortly after that you don’t really feel like you need it, or maybe you’ve had your Argos card for a while and have been struggling with the payments, or feel like you don’t want to have another card to spend money on when you could be saving instead. You might have found that having the card makes you feel like you can buy whatever you want whenever you want to without having to immediately think about the costs that will inevitably be charged to your account no matter what happens – so you have found yourself lumped with the decision to cut out this harmful cycle and cancel your card to stop yourself from overspending (I think we’ve all been there at some point). Who can possibly imagine what the reason you have decided to cancel your Argos card is, or perhaps you’re not even entirely sure that you would like to cancel your card and would like to know what steps you may have to take if you do finally make your decision on where your card will stand. Whatever your reason for cancelling your card might be, it’s easy to cancel the card when you feel you must, if you follow the guide you’ll find below. It should be easy to follow and offers multiple options for how to cancel the card so you can be sure to find the option that is personally best for you depending on your circumstances.

When can I cancel my Argos card?

You are able to cancel your Argos card whenever you want, as there is no contract that ties you down to a certain period of attachment to the store and its credit card. There are also a variety of ways in which you can cancel, as Argos are aware that many people prefer different types of communication with the companies that they deal with, so they provide multiple options for you to get in touch with them for when you absolutely have to.

When you first agree to signing up for the card you have 16 days immediately after within which you can cancel this agreement without charge. With this, any payments that you have made toward this card will be repaid by the debtor to you. If you have decided to cancel immediately after agreeing before the card application has been accepted then you can do this straight away. However, if the application has been accepted then you have 15 days within which you can withdraw from the agreement, where you will then need to pay any interest and charges that may have occurred.

You can cancel your card at any point in your arrangement with Argos, but you must keep in mind that if you cancel your card while you still have things to pay for then they must be paid back within one month of the date of cancellation. If you don’t pay back these charges before the month is over then you will be made to pay interest and possibly other charges as well.

How can I cancel my Argos card?

There are a number of ways that you can cancel your Argos card, depending on your preferred method of communication with the company.

Firstly, you have the chance to manage your card online on the My Argos Card website, where you can log in to your account with Argos and click on the ‘Manage your Card’ section, where you will be able to find the option to register that you would like to cancel your card. Here you will be redirected to a page that will confirm your decision to cancel your card with Argos, and explain the repayment system to you if you find that you have any payments that you have to make back to Argos after cancelling your card with them. After filling this out you should begin your repayments to Argos, where once they have been paid back you will be free to cut up your card and never think about it all again.

There is also the chance to write a letter informing the company of your definite decision to cancel your card with them, which you can address to:
Argos Credit Card,
Customer Services,
P.O. Box 399,
Chatham ME4 4WQ
where it will be read and replied to as quickly as possible. This letter should include information about your account including your full name and address so that they can be sure they have the correct information, and should state your intention to cancel your account starting the date of arrival of your letter, with a plan on how you will begin repaying any money that you may owe to the company as well as the interest charged. It is advised that you send your letter via the Royal Mail by recorded post so that you can keep a receipt of the date you sent your letter as proof that the letter was sent, and you can also see when your letter has been signed for and delivered to the company, so that you can begin your countdown of time until the cancellation of your account with Argos. Recorded post makes sure that if your letter is lost in the post or isn’t properly dealt with by the company, you can have proof of postage and proof of delivery so that they cannot argue that you have cancelled your account with them.

Finally, you have the option of calling one of the members of the customer service team on 0843 557 3407 where you can follow the options to let them know you would like to cancel your card. When you are put on the phone to a member of the team, they will ask for your reasons for leaving and will try and find an offer that they could give you that would ensure you would stay using the Argos card for longer. However, if you are firm with your decision in that you want to cancel your account with the company then they will then move on to informing you about your repayment process. They will let you know about any charges that your account might have to be repaid, along with any interest that you will have to pay for in your repayment period, and then they will advise you on paying off your charges in the first month after your registered cancellation. They will then confirm with you that your decision to cancel has been logged, where from here you can then begin your repayments and end your account with your Argos card.