How To Become Costco Member UK

Costco is an exclusive wholesale retailer that operates in the UK as well as other countries globally. To enter the store or shop online you need to hold a membership which you pay for annually. You can find out by reading the guide below the different ways you can become a Costco member in the UK.

The Different Membership Types

There are a few different types of Costco memberships that allow you access to different discounts as well as into the store or access to the online shop. The different memberships are:

  • Online only shopping – The annual subscription fee is £15. This membership only allows you to shop online on the website, this means you will not be allowed into a Costco store with this membership. There is no qualification necessary for this membership which means anyone can hold this membership.
  • Trade Member – This membership costs £26.40 (£22 ex VAT). You need to meet certain criteria to qualify for this membership. You will have access to Trade Member specific deals and discounts with this membership.
  • Individual Member – This membership costs £33.60 (£28 ex VAT). You also need to meet certain criteria for this membership, this membership is a general individual membership which allows the cardholder into the store and to shop online.

Purchase a Membership Online

You can purchase any of the above memberships online on the website. You simply need to go onto the website and select the ‘Membership’ tab from the menu bar running along the top of the screen underneath the logo. From here you will be able to explore the different criteria you must meet to qualify for a certain membership as well as more information about each membership type. Once you have decided which membership you would like you will then be able to add it to your cart using the ‘Add to cart’ button. Follow the onscreen instructions when at the checkout to register and purchase your membership for Costco online.

Call Costco to Purchase a Membership

Once on the phone to a member of the Costco team you will be able to select a membership type, check you’re eligible for the membership and purchase it over the phone. You will need to give personal and payment details to register and purchase your membership.