How much is Sky Sports?

Sky Sports is the range of Sports channels that the pay-TV provider offers to viewers. These usually do not come with standard subscriptions, so customers have to pay extra to access all of them. They have dedicated channels for sports such as football, racing, cricket, and golf, as well as a sports news channel. Sky Sports has a rival in the form of BT Sport. However, Sky also offers Sky Sports as an extra through other pay-TV providers. This includes BT, but only two Sky Sports channels are available with them. There are several ways to buy access to Sky Sports, but it depends on what you want out of it and how much you are willing to pay. This guide tells you how much it costs.

How much is Sky Sports with Sky TV?

As the provider of these channels, the most direct way to view Sky Sports is from Sky TV. But is that the cheapest option? Generally, it is, if you just want a basic TV package with Sky Sports added on. Sky packages start at £22 per month. You can then add the complete Sky Sports package for £23 a month in an 18-month contract. However, this excludes set-up costs, and the prices will go up when your initial contract ends. One of the benefits of Sky Sports from Sky is that you can tailor your package and adjust the price accordingly. Outside of the aforementioned deal, the full Sky Sports bundle is £30 a month. To save money, you could choose only one channel for £18 a month, two channels for £22 a month, or three channels for £26 a month. You will also be able to watch Sky Sports channels and programmes on the go with the Sky Go app for mobile devices. This wouldn’t be possible with BT or TalkTalk.

How much is Sky Sports with Virgin Media TV?

The only other TV provider offering Sky Sports without requiring a phone or broadband package as well is Virgin Media. However, Virgin does not offer a tailoring option to select a number of channels for a lower price. It also has different hardware than the Sky Q box, offering a TiVo box or V6 box instead. To get access to all of the Sky Sports channels on Virgin Media, you would have to opt for their Full House bundle. This clocks in at £49 a month,  which is a few pounds more expensive than Sky. Like Sky, this does not include set-up costs and is an introductory price for the minimum term of your first contract. Since the channels are part of an overall TV package, you should also consider which other channels are available. For example, Virgin Media has far fewer channels than Sky. There is also the draw of Sky Atlantic, which is unavailable on Virgin Media. Overall, Sky itself has more perks for its price.

How much is Sky Sports with TalkTalk TV?

Previously, TalkTalk made headlines for drastically slashing the prices of their Sky Sports add-on. Sadly, the prices did not stay that low. The other issue with TalkTalk is that you can only get Sky Sports through them if you have a TalkTalk broadband package. Their TV & Broadband packages range from £26 to £36 a month on average. These prices will depend on internet speed and any inclusive add-ons, which TalkTalk calls TV Boosts. There is a range of these available, but the Sky Sports TV Boost costs a whopping £34 per month. It is available in a bundle with Sky Cinema for £42 a month, which would give you a saving of £10 per month. However, it would still be cheaper to get both Sky Sports and Sky Cinema with a subscription to SkyTV. The answer to the question above is just “too much.”

How much is Sky Sports with Now TV?

For those who find a Sky TV subscription unaffordable or an 18-month contract too daunting, they also operate Now TV. Purchasing a Sky Sports Pass from Now TV is generally cheaper than a TalkTalk Boost. Plus, you do not have to have a telephone, TV, or broadband contract with a particular provider. You can simply buy the pass and use it on any compatible device. Now TV is the only source of Sky Sports that doesn’t require a whole TV package. However, it would probably work out cheaper for you to get Sky Sports included in a bundle. If you pay for a Sky Sports pass from Now TV, it will cost you £33.99. Or if you would prefer a weekly pass, it costs £14.99. If you only want access for one day, then it’s £8.99. You can get a Sky Sports Mobile pass for £5.99 a month, but you can only access it with a smartphone. Additionally, you only get access to 4 channels with Sky Sports Mobile (Sky Sports, Action, News, and Arena). Bad luck if you were hoping to watch all of the matches on the Sky Football channel!

How much is Sky Sports on Mobile?

Even if you don’t have Sky TV, you could still get access to Sky Sports via their Mobile app. This means that you can only watch events on your phone or a tablet. However, if you don’t mind this, then it definitely works out cheaper for you. For just £5.99 a month you can view the following TV channels to your heart’s content: Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports News, and also Sky News. If you are willing to pay a bit more to gain a bit more, then you can upgrade to the £8.99 monthly pack. This will include access to all of the previously mentioned channels, plus the dedicated Sky channels for Football, F1, Cricket, and Golf. If you have a Sky Sports package with Sky TV, then you won’t need to pay for mobile access. You can watch the channels that you already pay for via the Sky Go app. These are the only ways to watch Sky Sports on a mobile device. It is suitable for people who are on the go and want to keep up with sports events or news. It is also affordable if a TV bundle is too much!