How Does PayPoint Work?

PayPoint is a bill-paying system in the UK and Ireland, and also Romania. It is sometimes confused with Payzone, a similar but much smaller business than PayPoint. PayPoint purchased Payzone in Romania in 2017, but in the UK they are still separate companies. There are almost 30,000 PayPoint outlets across the UK. These are usually small convenience shops. PayPoint allows people to pay their bills at their local corner shops, which are often open late. PayPoint also has a joint venture with the delivery company Yodel. CollectPlus is a convenient method for sending and receiving parcels. Overall, PayPoint is a useful paying system for consumers and a business boost for retailers.
How Does PayPoint Work?

How Much Does PayPoint Cost?

If you are a customer, PayPoint services are free to use. You should not have to make any additional payments in order to pay with PayPoint. Since PayPoint is a cash-only service, retailers may refuse to accept payments by card. The only time you are entitled to use PayPoint to pay by card is if you are paying for your TV Licence. If retailers do accept payment by debit or credit card, it is now illegal for them to charge an extra fee. It is against PayPoint policy for them to add a fee for cash payments, or tell customers that they must buy a minimum amount of store items. If this happens to you, report the shop to PayPoint. You can also report the shop to Trading Standards if it continues.

Where Can I Find a PayPoint Outlet?

With thousands of PayPoint outlets throughout the UK, it should be easy for you to find one. You can search online to find the closest outlets. You can also check at your local newsagents, petrol station, or supermarket. If they are an official PayPoint outlet, there will be a sticker in the window or a sign outside. You can also ask at the till if the shop offers PayPoint services.They will have a recognizable yellow PayPoint machine on the counter if they do. If you visit a PayPoint outlet and their machine is not working, they should be able to tell you where the next nearest PayPoint outlet is for you to visit instead. Report it to PayPoint if the machine you rely on is down for a long time.

How Does PayPoint Work?

How to Pay Bills With PayPoint

The primary convenience of PayPoint is that it allows you to pay most of your bills in one place. You can pay for electricity, gas, other utilities, and even Council Tax as well as phone bills or TV Licences. All you need to do is tell the retailer what you want to pay and show them your bill. If it is possible to pay with PayPoint, a bill will have the PayPoint logo on it. You can always ask instore if you are not sure. You can pay your bills in cash, or with a debit card if the shop allows it. They will give you a receipt every time, which you must keep hold of as proof of payment. If there are any issues with transferring the funds, contact your service provider and give them the receipt details.

PayPoint for Pre-Payment Energy Meters

Many energy providers allow customers to pre-pay or Pay As You Go with energy meters. If you set this payment system up with your provider, they will give you a card or a key for topping up your meter. You take this item to a PayPoint shop, tell the retailer how much you want to put on the card, and pay this amount. They will transfer the money onto the key or card, then you can insert this into your meter to top it up. You can do this as often as you need to, and top up as much or as little as you prefer. Energy meters usually have a small amount of emergency credit, but it is important to keep on top of your payments and make sure your meter is in credit and not in debt.

PayPoint TV Licensing Payment Card

If you want to watch live television in the UK, on TV or online, you need to have a TV Licence. You can pay for this online or at a PayPoint outlet for your convenience. A colour TV Licence costs £150.50 for the year, or you can pay £50.50 for a black-and-white TV. If you decide to pay this all at once, give your name and address to the retailer and they will register you for a licence. You must keep the receipt they give you as proof that you have paid. Renew your licence at PayPoint if you receive a notification letter. You can pay by debit card or cash. Or you can call 0300 555 0286 to apply for a Payment Card if you decide to pay in instalments. Pay off a smaller amount weekly or monthly.

Buy Public Transport Tickets from PayPoint

Another way PayPoint can save you time is if you buy your public transport tickets in advance. Depending on your region, public transport companies will offer bus, train, and tram tickets through PayPoint. These saver tickets are cheaper than buying single fares. Check with the public transport company if they offer season tickets through PayPoint. Tickets from national companies like Arriva are available at PayPoint outlets. There will also be saver tickets specific to your region, such as System One in Manchester and Saveaway or Walrus Cards in Merseyside. You can easily pay for your bus and train travel for the coming week when you do the top-up shop at the weekend.

How Does PayPoint Work?

PayPoint Mobile Phone Credit Top-Ups

If a monthly or Pay As You Go contract with your mobile provider is too expensive, you can pay-as-you-go yourself by topping up your mobile credit when you need it at your local PayPoint shop. This service is available wherever you see the green top-up logo. Simply ask for a top-up, tell the retailer which network you are with and how much credit you want to buy, then pay. The retailer will give you a receipt with the code number on it to activate your top-up. Be sure to check your receipt before you leave the shop. If it is the wrong amount or if the top-up doesn’t work, you should call your network provider with the receipt details. PayPoint offers top-ups for more than 50 operators.

Shop Online Without a Debit or Credit Card

If you want to buy something online but you don’t have a debit or credit card, PayPoint has the answer. You can buy eVouchers for online retailers like Amazon, Xbox, Sony, and Spotify from PayPoint outlets. The receipt will have a code which you will then redeem online. If you would like the benefits of a bank account and card, PayPoint offers pre-paid debit cards and eMoney. You can pay with cash to top up your pre-paid card and then use it to shop online or in high street stores. The pre-paid cards PayPoint offers include Pockit, CitizenCard, Tuxedo, and Virgin, as well as U Accounts. If you have a pre-paid Mastercard or Maestro card, you can also top these up at a PayPoint outlet.

Make Western Union Transfers With PayPoint

PayPoint terminals allow customers to make Western Union money transfers at their local shop. This makes it easier than ever to send or receive payments from friends and family, wherever they are in the world. Instead of having to go to the bank or the post office, you can transfer money when you go to the shop. If you have a Gold Card, the transaction will be even faster. Western Union allows customers to transfer money to more than 200 countries using their debit or credit card or bank account details. You can decide if the recipient gets the money you are sending in cash or paid into their bank account. Sign up for My WU with Western Union for more benefits.

My PayPoint Top-Up Card or Key Isn’t Working

Whenever you make a payment at PayPoint, they will give you a receipt. You must always keep these receipts for your records in case you need them later on. If you find that the top-up you purchased is not working, you will need the number on your receipt. If your meter key or card is failing to work, contact your energy provider. They will use this number to trace your payment. Sometimes, you can add the credit to your meter manually using the code from your receipt. Your provider will tell you if this is possible and give you instructions. If you need a new key, you can pick one up at your PayPoint store. Just leave it in the meter for one minute to activate it before you can top up.