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Opening Times for

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 10pm
Tuesday 8am 10pm
Wednesday 8am 10pm
Thursday 8am 10pm
Friday 8am 10pm
Saturday 8am 10pm
Sunday 9am 10pm

Phone the number above to get in touch with the HMRC, when you phone this number you can easily be put through to the right department for what you are needing to get in contact about.

HMRC Contact Numbers

Expedia Opening Hours
Customer services 9am-5pm
Self Assessment 9am-5pm
PAYE for employers 9am-5pm
Tax Credits 9am-5pm
National Insurance 9am-5pm
Income Tax 9am-5pm
VAT 9am-5pm
Child Benefit 9am-5pm
Paying HMRC 9am-5pm
Tax Agents and Advisors 9am-5pm

HMRC Contact Email

There are many different departments for the HMRC, if you are looking for a contact email there are many available. For a Freedom of Information request you can send your email to –

It’s important to be aware that if the HMRC needs to get in touch with you regarding anything confidential they’re more likely to do it over the phone or by post. Be wary of suspicious email addresses that claim to be the HMRC.

Customer services

If you have any questions for the HMRC you can get in touch with them on the number above. When you phone this number you can get your general questions about tax, state support and other regulatory regimes. If you need to speak to them about something more specific, it’s best you’re directed to the relevant team who can help with this.

Self Assessment

Get in touch with the HMRC regarding self assessment by phoning the number above. When you call this number you can register and file your self assessment tax return. You can also get your SA302 tax calculation. If needed, you can use the number above to tell the HMRC that you’ve changed your name or address.

PAYE For employers

Phone the number above to speak to the HMRC regarding PAYE for employers, you can phone this number to register as an employer, as well as telling the HMRC about a new employee. If you need assistance with setting up payroll software you can use the number above to get suggestions from teh HMRC, as well as guidelines regarding the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage too.

Tax credits

Get further information and help with Tax Credits when you phone the number above. Calling this number can help with managing your tax credits, you can also phone this number to tell the HMRC about any changes to your circumstances as this might impact your entitlement.

National Insurance

Use the number above to get in touch with the HMRC about your National Insurance, when you phone this number you can get further help about the National Insurance rates, thresholds and different classes. You can also request further help with married women’s reduced rate election, parents and carers credits, or to explain any gaps in your National Insurance contributions. If you have lost or forgotten your National Insurance number you can also phone this number to find out what it is.

Income Tax

Phone the number above to speak to the HMRC advisors who can help with Income Tax. When you phone this number you can find out the tax code which you are on, any information that the HMRC has on file about your employment, and get an estimate of how much tax you’re likely to pay this year.


Speak to the HMRC regarding VAT by phoning the number above, when you ring this number they can discuss VAT returns and what they entail. You can find out the information that you need to provide for them, and where to send them to.

Child Benefit

Phone the number above to speak to advisors at the HMRC regarding Child Benefit. When you phone this number you can report any changes that might affect your Child Benefit, as well as telling them changes about family life.

Paying HMRC

You can phone the number above to speak to the HMRC about the different ways you need to pay them, such things like alcohol duties, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax and more.

Tax Agents and Advisors

If you’re looking for further help with your taxes you can ring the number above. When you phone this number they can help with all manners of things to do with the HMRC.

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