Hermes Missing Parcel

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a parcel to be delivered and it not turning up. If your parcel was supposed to be delivered by Hermes and you have not received it, here’s how you can get it located and redelivered or claim compensation if it has been completely lost.

Hermes Delivery Van

What happens if my parcel goes missing?

If your parcel has gone missing during transit you should get in touch with the Hermes customer services team immediately as they take missing parcels very seriously no matter what their insides contain. When you call the customer services team you will need to provide them with any information you have about the parcel such as the tracking code, where it is being sent from, when it was due to be delivered and your address. The customer services team will be able to find out the last time it the parcel was seen by a member of their team and they will try to locate the package and redeliver it to you.

Hermes stolen parcel

If you suspect your parcel has been stolen by a member of the Hermes team or by a member of the public such as if your parcel was left in plain sight and was accessible to the public you should call the Hermes customer services department immediately as they take stolen parcels extremely seriously especially if it is suspected to have been stolen by a member of their team. If it is discovered to have been left in an accessible place and proven to not have been stolen by a member of the team you will need to contact your local police as Hermes can only help so much.

Hermes delivery confirmed by tracker but not delivered

If you have used the tracker to track your package and it says your package was delivered but you have not received it you should check with your neighbours and outside your house in spots the parcel could have been hidden before calling Hermes and if they do not have it or you cannot find it you should get in touch with a member of the customer services team as it may have been delivered to the wrong address, left in a spot outside your house and been stolen or not delivered yet and the tracker is wrong.

MyHermes claim

You can claim against Hermes if they have lost your package or it arrived damaged. To claim you will need to contact the customer services department or go to the help section on their website. You will need to provide them with the details of your delivery including the tracking code if you have one, your address, where the package was supposed to come from and any other information such as emails or tracking confirmations you have to prove you did not receive the parcel.

Hermes tracking

Hermes know the importance of being able to see where your package is, this is why they created MyHermes parcel tracking. You will only need to enter the 16 digit tracking number that will have been emailed to you by either Hermes or the company who you have bought from and the tracker will locate where your parcel is and what part of transit it is in. If the tracker says your parcel has been delivered but you have not received you will need to contact the customer services department immediately to report the parcel as missing, follow the instructions listed above.

How to contact Hermes

You can get in touch with the Hermes customer services team in multiple ways. If you would prefer to contact the team online they have a MyHermes live web chat option on their website where you can talk to a member of the team live about any issues you are having. If you would prefer to email Hermes you can also do this online on their website.

About Hermes

Hermes was created in 2009 to give an answer to the need for easy and convenient delivery options for people who are not available in the conventional delivery times such as business people or students. Hermes recognised that there was a gap in the market for the majority of people who struggle to have their parcels delivered at a time that suits them. Hermes offers a large range of options and time slots for you to choose from when having a parcel delivered with their services. Their services run from 8 am to 8 pm seven days a week suiting your availability, making sure you never miss another delivery. Their services are also available in over 4,500 locations and many MyHermes ParcelShops across the country giving you affordable deliveries.