Halifax Reward Card Benefits

Halifax offers two reward card current accounts that offer account holders specific benefits to holding and using the card frequently. If you’re thinking about switching to a Halifax reward card but are not sure of the benefits of the card you can read the helpful guide below to find out more about the benefits of each card.

Halifax Reward Card Current Account

With this Halifax reward card current account you can receive £135 when you switch your current account to this account (you will receive £50 when you use the current account switch service and £85 after 6 months if you have paid in at least £1500 each month, have chosen to go paper-free and used your debit card to pay for something). With this account, you have easy access to your money and spending as you can view your finances online, on mobile and via phone call.

This current account is free to have with no account fee, you can receive mobile alerts to help you manage your spending and overdraft and with this account you’re eligible for the ‘Save the Change’ program.

You could also receive a £2 monthly reward if you pay in £750 in the previous month, pay-out at least 2 direct debits and stay in credit for the whole of the previous month.

You can earn up to 15% cash back when you shop using the card in a huge number of retailers (you can view the least of retailers you can receive cashback with by going to the Halifax website or calling the team using the number below).

Halifax Ultimate Reward Current Account

With this Halifax ultimate reward card current account, you can also receive £135 when you switch (with the same terms and conditions as above). There are no fee’s for the first £300 of arranged overdraft with this account too.

This account comes with worldwide multi-trip family travel insurance. The coverage includes winter sports and golf trips as well as trips in the UK with at least 2-night pre-booked accommodation. The coverage also includes up to £2500 for personal belongings, up to £500 single articles, pairs or sets of articles, up to £750 personal money (£300 in cash) and up to £500 total for valuables.

This account also comes with mobile phone insurance that covers repairs or replacements of your phone, as well as covering your phone if it breaks, becomes damaged, lost or is stolen. The insurance covers one phone for the account holder or two phones if the account is a joint account. The insurance provides cover for up to £2000 per claim.

For those account holders that drive the reward card comes with AA breakdown cover. The coverage offers assistance for both at-home and roadside car issues. You’re covered as a driver or passenger in any vehicle which is eligible (you can find out what vehicles are eligible on the website or by calling the number below). This coverage is for the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The reward card also comes with a home emergency cover for unexpected incidents that have left your home unsafe or insecure. The cover covers up to £250 for Halifax to find a professional who is able to fix the issue you’re experiencing. This also covers the action need to make your home fit to live in, to avoid damage or prevent more damage and to restore power, gas or water if they have failed.

Call Halifax About Applying for Reward Card

The team member will be able to tell you more about the current accounts as well as discuss whether you’re eligible to sign up for or switch to the current account.