Your Guide to Christmas Eve PJs and Gifts

For some people, the idea of receiving Christmas Eve PJs is a bizarre concept. However, for many, it’s a staple Christmas Eve tradition. Here’s our guide to spending Christmas Eve with the family, where to find the best Christmas Eve PJs and other beautiful gifts to give your loved ones before the big day.

The Christmas Eve PJ Tradition

No one is entirely sure where this tradition came from, but it’s catching on! The idea is that on Christmas Eve, you receive a pair of fresh festive Pajamas to wear that night. This way, you’ll wake up in amazing new PJs feeling festive on the big day. You can find some amazing Christmas PJs in stores such as ASOS and Very, as well as high street stores such as Primark and New Look. Our favourites include this Elf Onesie and this long sleeve polar bear set!

If you want to kick the tradition up a notch, why not buy some new Christmas themed bedding and have some beautiful new sheets to sleep in on Christmas Eve night? Supermarkets such as Tesco and ASDA have some beautiful bedding sets available for all sizes of bed.

The Christmas Eve Box Tradition

The newer tradition, it seems, is the Christmas Eve Box. Filled with gifts before Christmas, this tradition is more for young children, and gives them a peek at what’s to come before Christmas day. For the box itself, you can find a range of personalised boxes on sites such as eBay, or you can take a look in Supermarket stores. Below are some ideas on what to fill your Christmas Eve box with:

  • Colouring Set
  • Christmas Chocolate Coins
  • Haribo Sweets
  • Carrots for Santa’s Reindeer
  • A Christmas Story Book
  • Festive PJs
  • Milk and Cookies for Santa
  • A Certificate stating that your child is on the Nice List


Or, you could go away from the norm and offer novelty presents in your boxes this Christmas Eve. If you have any other ideas for Christmas Eve Box fillers, we would love to hear more below in the comments!

A Gift for Him or Her

If you’re celebrating Christmas as a couple this year, why not start your own traditions? This could be opening a gift from each other on Christmas Eve, or it could be the tradition of making a nice meal and watching Christmas Films all snuggled up in bed. You could always make your own Christmas Eve boxes or stockings for one another with treats and presents for each other. These can be a number of things, from sweets to gadgets. Ideally, you should keep the budget small and have your Christmas Eve tradition as a novelty instead of making it a big deal. Christmas Eve traditions should be fun and enjoyable, try not to put too much pressure on the thoughts of buying big and wonderful gifts. The idea is to get you excited for the big day, not to overshadow anything you have planned for Christmas Day itself.