The FA stands for the English Football Association which is known worldwide. There are a number of reasons as to why you might want or need to contact the FA such as wanting to know when a match is scheduled, information about certain competitions taking place throughout the year and ticket prices.

About the FA

The FA was first established in 1863 which makes it the oldest football association in the world and oversees both professional and amateur games in its industry. It holds regular footballing competitions which are known worldwide, the most famous of its kind being the FA Cup. All of England’s professional football teams are required to be a part of the FA and the FA has the final say in all decisions and disputes. They also compose any rules and regulations that all players and teams are expected to follow.

FA Tickets

There are many different teams and many different games organised by the FA that occur regularly and so it is important to state which game you would like to buy tickets for clearly. Of course, depending on the popularity and level of players, match game ticket prices differ hugely and if you would like to speak to an advisor about ticket costs, please press the 0 option on your keypad. Purchasing tickets over the phone with FA is 100% secure but please note that some purchase options may be non-transferable or refundable. You will be told this when you call.

FA Fixtures

The phone number does not provide access to speak to someone but rather reads out the latest fixtures via an automatic message – this number is ideal to call if you would like a quick update from the FA.

FA Complaints

Whether you have purchased tickets and they haven’t arrived or you have witnessed racism/discrimination/homophobia in the football industry, there is a wide range of reasons as to why you might want to register a complaint with the FA. When you dial the complaints line you will be put straight through to an operator who will ask the details and nature of your complaint. Hopefully, the complaint can be dealt with there and then but if it is a little more complex you will be told on the phone that your complaint is being pushed through to the relevant department and that you can expect a call back. The operator will then take your contact details so please ensure that you provide them with a number that you are available on regularly.

FA Competitions

The most renowned FA competition is the FA Cup, but there are many that are held throughout the year. This contact number is simply to find out what is going on and when. Calling the number enables you to find out all manner of information relating to FA competitions which include scores, schedules, fixtures and results.