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Customer services

You can phone the number above to find out when your next payment date is for the Employment and Support Allowance is.

If you need to make a change to the way your ESA is paid to you, you can phone the number above to request a change and see if it’s possible.

Claim ESA Benefits

When you phone you will need to explain the type of ESA that you’re eligible for and give some personal details to help process this. Once you’ve spoken to the dedicated advisor on the phone, you’ll be then asked to send your sick note to an address they’ll give you. This is your proof that you’re eligible for ESA.

Report a change in circumstances

It’s vital you do this because it might affect how much ESA you’re entitled to, which could lead to repayments in the future. As soon as there is a change to your circumstances you must phone the number above immediately to let them know, they can then assess whether there will need to be any changes made to your ESA amount.

Contributory and income-related ESA

These could be potential options for you if you’re not entitled to the new type ESA. When you phone the number above, explain you circumstances and they will let you know if you’re entitled to it, and how much you’re likely to get.

You can also use this number if you have previously found out that you’re entitled for this type of ESA and would like to know when your first payment date will be for the allowance.

Challenge a decision by ESA

When you phone this number you can ask for a mandatory reconsideration if you disagree with the decision that was given. If you had a decision made against your application you have one month from that date to challenge it.

You can ask for the decision to be looked at again if you disagree with the reason given or if you believe that those dealing with the claim has made an error or missed some of the evidence that you have provided.

Reapplying for ESA

In some cases, such as when your new style or contributory ESA ends, you might be able to re-apply 12 weeks after your previous ESA ends. There are certain qualifications that will need to be met for this, but you can find out whether you’re eligible for this when you phone the number above.

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