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Opening Times for Domino's

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 8pm
Tuesday 9am 8pm
Wednesday 9am 8pm
Thursday 9am 8pm
Friday 9am 8pm
Saturday 9am 8pm
Sunday 9am 5pm
1 Thornbury
West Ashland
Milton Keynes

Call the Domino’s customer service team on the number above where they can help with queries regarding orders, delivery, products, the Domino’s app and more.

Domino’s Contact Numbers

Expedia Opening hours
Customer service
Delivery 24/7
Collection 24/7
Food safety 24/7
Payment 24/7
Product 24/7
Domino’s app 24/7
Complaints 24/7

Customer service

Call the number above to get in touch with the customer service team from Domino’s who can answer your questions. You can phone this number if you would like to find out about the brand does with their food waste and what practices they have in place for waste reduction and energy efficiency.

If you would like to find out more about the different options for ordering Domino’s, such as the app, Amazon Echo or Apple Watch you can phone the number above.


Find out where your delivery is when you phone the number above . When you make an order you’ll typically be able to track that order, but in the case that it’s not working you can phone the number above to find out how long you’ll have to wait. If your order doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes phone the number above to find out whether you’ll be able to get another order for free, or get a refund on that order.


To get in touch with Domino’s regarding collection you can phone the number above. When you call this number you can make suggestions about the collection process or find out how long it typically takes for your order to be prepared.

Food safety

For questions relating to food safety, you can phone the number above. Here they will be able to answer any questions that you have regarding halal food, vegan options, allergens. You can use this number to find out what practices Domino’s have in place for food safety in their kitchens, and what sort of risk there is for cross contamination. Find out if you can eat Domino’s when you’re pregnant by calling the number above, as well as if it’s an option for those who are lactose intolerant.


Call the number above to discuss payments with Domino’s, you can phone this number if you would like to find out further information about the payment methods you can use with them. Call the number above to found out how you can tip Domino’s online. If you would like to inquire about getting a refund on your recent order you can also phone the number above.


To speak to Domino’s about their products you can phone the number above. When you phone this number you can discuss the quality of the products that are used by Domino’s and ask specific questions about their allergens, the produce they use and where they source it from. You can also ask questions about products they’re developing, such as more vegan or vegetarian options that will be available. You can also use this number to make suggestions on the things that you believe they should offer on their menu.

Domino’s App

You can call the number above to get in touch with Domino’s regarding their app. You might wish to call this number if you’re having problems with using the app, or can’t complete an order with it. If you find there are certain things not available through the app you can phone the number above to report this problem.

If you have placed an order through the app, and the money is taken from your account but it doesn’t arrive you can phone the number above to find out what has happened and get your money refunded to you.


If you have a complaint to make to Domino’s you can the number above. You can call this number to make a complaint about the food you received, the service you received from a delivery driver or someone in store at a Dominos. When you’re on the phone making your complaint the advisor will do their best to help resolve the issue there and then, but if you don’t feel adequately satisfied with the outcome, ask to speak to someone else to take the complaint further.

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