DHL Late Delivery

DHL is a part of the German logistics group, which is the largest international delivery company in the world. It has many divisions, offering a variety of services including parcel delivery and express mail delivery. If you are a DHL customer, then you should have consignment numbers to help you track shipments. DHL should provide a one-hour delivery window on the day of delivery. You can then choose to receive a notification from DHL when the driver is one stop away, usually 5-10 minutes before delivery. If your DHL delivery is late, here is how you can contact them.

DHL Late Delivery Phone Number

You will have the option of pressing 1 for general enquiries or pressing 2 for complaints. General enquiries include tracking shipments and arrangement of redeliveries, so press 1 if it is your first contact attempt. Somebody at DHL should be able to tell you where your parcel is and when they will actually deliver it to you. They can investigate if the tracking information is not what it should be. If you are expecting an order, then you may want to contact the seller so they can discuss the shipment.

DHL Late Delivery Online Contact

If you have problems getting support from DHL on the phone, then you can take your grievances online. However, when you send them an e-mail through their online contact form, they can take up to 4 days to reply. It would be faster to contact them on social media. DHL Parcel seems to have deleted their Facebook page, but they still have a Twitter. There is both a Facebook and a Twitter account for DHL Express. If you want to contact DHL about a late delivery regarding the behaviour of the driver, then you can send them an e-mail at

DHL Late Delivery Compensation

If you experience inconvenience or loss as a result of late delivery, then you may be able to request compensation from DHL. The sender of the parcel will have to make a claim. At the very least, DHL should refund delivery costs, especially if they failed to meet the delivery standards when a premium price was paid for the service. Their Money Back Guarantee only applies to select DHL Express shipping methods. You can contact DHL about making a claim by e-mail at You must provide the reference numbers, tracking updates, and relevant evidence to support a claim. If you are not the sender, then you should contact them, as they must make the claim.