How to Delete Your Wowcher Account

Wowcher is like the American company Groupon, but only in the UK and Ireland. The online marketplace basically allows third party sellers to advertise deals. Customers buy “Wowchers” which are vouchers to redeem with the merchants to claim the product. However, customers often experience problems with Wowcher. These include failing to deliver the products, items being different than advertised, and refunds in the form of Wowcher credit. One of the most common complaints about Wowcher is that the spam e-mails. When you join Wowcher, they will send multiple e-mails a day advertising deals even if you have no interest in them. See below for how to stop this.

How to Unsubscribe from Wowcher

You might only use Wowcher once for a specific deal and have no plans to purchase another Wowcher. However, once they have your e-mail address, Wowcher is likely to bombard you with e-mails about product offers to try and lure you back. Your spam filter might not catch them, so they can become annoying very quickly. You would expect the solution to be to click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of an e-mail and confirm it. This is actually the last thing you should do. Clicking the link confirms to Wowcher that your e-mail address is active, and their system will continue to send e-mails. The only way to actually unsubscribe is to contact Wowcher directly and request removal.

How to Delete Your Wowcher Account

Removal from the Wowcher mailing list may not be enough if you do not intend to ever use Wowcher again. You might be unhappy about Wowcher retaining your personal data and using it for marketing purposes against your wishes. In this case, you can delete your Wowcher account completely to make sure it is all gone. The risk of doing this is that you will not be able to get assistance with previous orders if further problems occur later on. As you will realize if you log into your Wowcher account, there is no option to delete it. You will not find a link or a handy “delete your Wowcher account” button to click because it is not usually that simple. Again, you’ll need to contact Wowcher.

How to Complain About Wowcher

You can contact Wowcher customer services by phone, e-mail, or live chat to ask them to unsubscribe your e-mail address or to delete your account entirely and the associated data. It is best to keep a record of your interactions with Wowcher so you can prove what has been said and done later if you need to. Keep contacting them if they fail to do what you have requested. You can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office with complaints about how Wowcher is handling your privacy concerns and requests. In the meantime, try blocking Wowcher e-mail addresses and those of their affiliates to stop getting spam marketing e-mails from them, and complain to them if you still do.